Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem

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Hey guys. I've thought about doing a video about this for a long time. Over the years of doing Game Theory, people have had one MAJOR problem with the series - the use of fanart. And since I'm covering the Scott Fan Art Issue as well, I figured what better day than today to address it. I've done my best to set rules in place to keep fanart out of Game Theory but accidents happen and things slip through the cracks. Today I am setting the record straight on Game Theory and fanart. Plus, hopefully giving you fan artists some advice on how to keep your fanart from being stolen.
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  1. Carrots

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    Oh. My. Freaking. POTATOES. This kind of thing is common. Artists get their art stolen all the time, especially fanart. On Instagram, there's an account dedicated to stolen and uncredited art (@artpoliceofficial). The people and conversations uploaded on their account are outraging. They claim that the art is theirs. They didn't draw it, credit it or come up with the idea for it. They say it's theirs because "the artist should've watermarked it." Huh. What's that in the bottom of the sleeve of the character on the right? It, so clearly, states the artist's account. And the posts (@artpoliceofficial) don't come occasionally. I don't check my feed, but at the top is, almost always, someone stealing art. Just this morning I checked, I saw someone trying to guilt-trip. fake crying recordings. seriously? It's obvious these people aren't very responsible people or adults. It's also against copyright policy and straight-up illegal too! But, no one get's punished because there are too many of them out there, or no one cares. K bye I get angry about this stuff and start spouting facts and fdjsknfbwdjh y'know?

  2. Josie M

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    ngl i used to watch those videos lol

  3. Aynhad Animates

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    ayo triman is famous :0

  4. TheMiner1501

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    Look, I appreciate that you're not trying to blame anyone, but you also shouldn't let people walk all over you. Yes, of course you are responsible for making sure the fan art gets the credit in your videos. It is however not your fault when people fail to convey that it's fan art. Did they make almost identical and realistic fan art? Yes Did they watermark it? No Did they sign it? No Was it stated that it was fan art? No (the Kirby game for example) Don't beat yourself up over things that aren't your fault. Some of these people don't have the right to claim that you abused your power as a ILgosr, since it was their fault that they didn't make sure that it couldn't be mistaken as official artwork. And it's also stupid to assume that you stole it instead of, I don't know, that you made an honest mistake.

  5. Nether Wolf 100

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    ohmygosh i completely forgot about Smike! I used to watch that stuff at like 2AM. Thank you MatPat

  6. Cat Day

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    Hey matpat (I don’t know if this will get to this but I’ll say it anyway) these talks are serious and with that tone I fell as though the name should reflect this. To me “Couch Talk” is a suitable name that people who have seen these would understand and although it doesn’t have a serious feel to it, it will most likely catch on fast. I wish nothing but the best for you and your channel and I hope this whole ILgos thing doesn’t collapse in the meantime.

  7. Anthony Ramirez

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    Sofa Soliloquy? That’s all I can think of 🙄

  8. Vincent Does Things

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    I’ve hated this man since the beginning of 2019 and this video has only now come to me. This video is AMAZING and it made me do a 180 with the channel.

  9. vTerrible

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    "that's not a theory, that's just an opinion a couch opinion"

  10. Adrian The Stupid

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    Artist: doesn’t even credit himself Me: uses his fanart Him: we’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed, and we’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled.

  11. Octavia SW

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    I know it's so stupid. Watermark it at least

  12. Nichonite ‘

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    If i was a fan artist i would be happy to see other ppl use it, i would say thank you, so idk why fan artists are so mad. But that’s just a theory... a game theory!

  13. PandaBoiAnimates

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    You stil cool

  14. Geneva Malony

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    if you use my art ( which is probably not on google;-; ) I would be fine

  15. Skeletal gaming

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    9:35 HOLD UP! I know this video is super serious and important (BTW good job handling this Mat), but is that Critical Role Fanart?! Someone get Matpat into D&D, its exactly his kind of thing. I mean, he won't have any free time left ever, but I bet he and Steph would enjoy it!

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  17. Nate S

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    MatPat's colloquial couch time.

  18. chainfire

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    To be honest, I tune in for your loot box or unravel who the purple guy is videos. I hate the out there theory videos because they feel lazy to me (even though you probably put in a lot of work). The ones I like seem so much more informative, like I come out of it learning something valuable. I guess I just prefer videos where you put forth a believable argument. As for fan art, one solution that could help you promote your theories is just to request submissions via social media. I’m sure there’s tons of theory fans who’d love to show and create artwork and it would be fun to feature them in episodes while eliminating the problem of accidental theft


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    Why are people disliking this? Just why?

  20. Javid David

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    Its not your fault dont worry

  21. Mauro Molina

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    Ok all I want to say that it's weird that we should #freedomofart

  22. Hammy McMeat

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    "the couch videos" "Talk time" "Law and order: a MattPat guide" "Theorist speech: real life" "Chatpat" "MattChat"

  23. geno wolfy

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    What if you make your own fanart? Your in the clear

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    The Wattpad stories are weird

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    Mat Chat. These should be called Mat Chats.

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    Woah smike i remember him

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    Fair use MF do you even!?

  28. Yin Yang Edits

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    Do These people who complain have an internet nit comb to nitpick?

  29. Eevee Umbreon123

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    Wait what? I need to watch the video “That calculated the length of Luigi’s *HoOhAh”*

  30. Skypiegaming

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    Its just a chat...A Matchat! Thanks for watching!

  31. Athleties

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    Undertale is the best example for everything MatPat is saying.

  32. SushiCookie _

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    No Mat we don’t talk about the ships It’s very scary

  33. Sakura Spinel

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    Good my digital drawing skills prevent me from making very convincing fanart 😂

  34. Spice Angels :3

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    ppl who make fanart should use a water mark!

  35. MonsterBros 1

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    Wait... people are getting angry at this stuff? Out of all the things to be angry at: you get angry at that people use fanart that is impossible to know is fanart?

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    Couch Pat

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    Rating videos with stars... that’s something I haven’t seen in a long time *looks away wistfully* ...a long time

  38. Diaily

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    If you take someone's IP and make fan art/craft I can see it would be nice to be credit but don't expect anything else it's not your IP. I'm not fond of "artists" that expect money from fan art/craft and go around and say (don't steal my work) it's not your IP. Create your own original work and making a Blonik character doesn't count.

  39. Unwanted Tentac

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    Bro if you used my fan art i would flip my couch in happiness

  40. elliewellie

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    Twas an oopsie

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    Awww Matpat, ;-; u can use my fan art! ;3;

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    Dang MatPat that's a pretty cool jacket. The double zippers look like some FF character.

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    MatPat Couch Chat?

  44. Viupcake

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    Hey MatPat! You can use any of my fan art! You can even contact me and ask me to make you some >//w//< I love this channel! All fan artists for MatPat, UNITE!!

  45. Walter Blake Knoblock

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    It’s kind of funny that people who think they’re within their rights to draw intellectual property in their own style are mad at people for taking someone else’s intellectual property and using it in their own way to create their own work. It sounds like they’re just mad they’re not making money off it, as if something like this would have intrinsic value.

  46. theultrayoutuber

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    If I made fan art I would want you to use it

  47. G is for Gaming

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    I'd be so happy if my drawings were on gametheory

  48. Radioactive Mermaid

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    Okay, but the edit of Mark and MatPat in the corner when he's talking about shipping on Wattpad? The best.

  49. batsight1

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    MatPat explaining to people companies been trying to explain since the beginning of fan art.

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    AAA there is no problem with this channel

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    I would love if my fan art was featured on game theory. I'm so jealous !!!

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    Hmmm, Couch Conversation? Hm MatPat, Hm

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    Best theory yet lad

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    If I made fan art and anyone used it on ILgos I would be really happy 😊

  56. Just a Nerd

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    This is late but.. this is why I love this channel, you apologise for things that aren't necessarily your fault. Most creators would ignore this issue, but you don't! That's what I call respectful!

  57. The Claimed

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    I love how he keeps bringing up the fanfictions about himself its just great

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    Couch Talk sounds right!

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    You should make a Discord. W/ a specific channel Regarding that topic

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    I got a name for it Critical couch

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    who else is here after coppa?