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Part 1 of J. Cole's series; a conceptual digital platform created by the Dreamville. The first installment documents the day J.Cole retired his mother Kay Cole from her job at the United States Postal Service.
The site will feature unique, personally curated content each week leading up to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album Born Sinner on June 25th.
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  1. ConSCious

    ConSCious5 חודשים לפני

    Doing this for my mom in 2020

  2. David Marcus

    David Marcus9 חודשים לפני

    Aye lets just get it yo idc Jermaine rare man

  3. jojo boss

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    Please promote my channel Allah will bless you in return of

  4. Dutch May

    Dutch May11 חודשים לפני

    This album slept on hard, dig that dark feel to it.

  5. David Dopka

    David Dopkaשנה לפני

    Man why I ain’t ever see this the heck

  6. It’z D E Z Yo

    It’z D E Z Yoשנה לפני

    I love this!

  7. Quavo Huncho

    Quavo Hunchoשנה לפני

    I love u sm

  8. bostongirl55

    bostongirl55שנה לפני

    BTS > Born Singer > Born Sinner > J.Cole > Subscribe to J.Cole > this page I am a 62 year old white Grandma of four, it IS difficult for me to listen to lyrics that contain graphic (too me anyway) words, raised that the "n-word" is almost the worst word that could come out of my mouth, had a speech ready for any in my husbands family who would use this word to hurt me, they knew how much I despised anyone who used that word, felt dirty and derogatory to me. I cannot say that I feel any different about the word, even now that I know that it is 100% accepted when used in music. But this video is not about any of a Mother I cried, there is something incredible about the depth of devotion from this son to this mother. To even chronicle her last day at work!!! I salute you, Mr. J. Cole, and the brilliance of your music career, the honesty of your career. I see you have a show coming near me in a few days...I considered going, but know being exposed to words that I slammed my husbands family for saying, I am afraid. But I will stand outside the Golden 1 Center (figuratively, it is so close to me) and praise your honest talent, and especially your love for your Mother.

  9. Athena Iverson

    Athena Iverson2 שנים לפני

    My mom works at an LA fitness and she has had problems with a former boss and my brother always says one day im gonna make enough money and walk in and say "F*CK all you come on momma you ain't gotta work anymore" 😂😂

  10. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness3 שנים לפני

    She stay in Cary, NC now...

  11. #1 Dreamville

    #1 Dreamville3 שנים לפני

    How can somebody dislike this

  12. Jairo Suarez

    Jairo Suarez4 שנים לפני

    that's the cover of Cole Summer

  13. mhudoR jj

    mhudoR jj4 שנים לפני

    This has inspired me even more - Jimmy (2015)

  14. YoungRawTalent

    YoungRawTalent4 שנים לפני

    pays to have a black son

  15. Taylor Clay

    Taylor Clayשנה לפני

    Better get wit it

  16. therealimlikewoa

    therealimlikewoa4 שנים לפני

    I'm going to do the same for parents, big ups to Jermaine for documenting this and sharing it with us

  17. Ava Joseph

    Ava Joseph2 שנים לפני

    therealimlikewoa j.

  18. 87caine

    87caine4 שנים לפני

    Only fur Villians watching this Video! Greetings from Switzerland

  19. shontapl

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    So awesome

  20. realonewz 1300

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  21. Sophia Robertson

    Sophia Robertson5 שנים לפני

    You are truly an inspirational creature. I'm 39 with two very beautiful boy's that had no idea their mom even listened to your music. It sends chills knowing the things you accomplished to insure your faith in God and the love a son has for his mother. God bless you continually.

  22. StonieShorrty

    StonieShorrty2 שנים לפני

    Sophia Robertson listen to what he has now and it's even more impactful and inspiring than ever

  23. Champaign Community Member

    Champaign Community Member5 שנים לפני

    I have a bouquet for her :)

  24. KenTheDancer

    KenTheDancer5 שנים לפני

    Please look at my videos 💕

  25. karim rezk

    karim rezk5 שנים לפני

    Thank you, Hopefully i can make my mom retire someday. Please everyone appreciate single mothers that work hard to keep food on the table.

  26. chris*

    chris*5 שנים לפני

    She works at the post office in my town!

  27. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness3 שנים לפני

    *used to.

  28. Asha A

    Asha A5 שנים לפני

    "my goal this here is a real one gone and stack a million as soon as i do that 9-5 is through"

  29. AIR27JEEZY

    AIR27JEEZY5 שנים לפני

    inspiring damn.

  30. Honest

    Honest5 שנים לפני

    To you close-minded kids saying she's rather lucky and "$17/hour is heaven" keep in mind she had more than just one son along with home duties and other things... that salary isn't close to the amount needed to fully handle those responsibilities.

  31. Dre Taveras

    Dre Taveras9 חודשים לפני

    Ghost Deep 17 dollars ain’t shit depending on where u live. What are u talking about. U sound like u Tryna 1 up a come up story

  32. Ghost Deep

    Ghost Deep5 שנים לפני

    @Drew Rich Yes you can. I live north of DC and DC is the most expensive city to live in America. And imagine how much $17 must have been in the 90's. That's probably like $24 an hour today.

  33. Drew Rich

    Drew Rich5 שנים לפני

    @Romeo Depaso maybe where you was from. All areas ain't the same. $17 you can get buy on where I'm living if you're alone but if you're in the city you can't get by on $17 an hour.

  34. Ghost Deep

    Ghost Deep5 שנים לפני

    My mom raised me and my 2 brothers making $7 dollars an hour, so yeah $17 dollars is heaven...

  35. Jeremy Diesel

    Jeremy Diesel5 שנים לפני

    Yo I gotta get put on one day, shit still in high school(senior) I need to get the rap shit popping. I don't like major labels but I like Dreamville cuz cole seems geniune. Ima make it one day.#whenthetimecomes...

  36. Lawrence Tanksley

    Lawrence Tanksley5 שנים לפני

    I feel her on everything she said about delivering mail. My last day at the post office I took a stinking bow at my last house.

  37. Captain Neems

    Captain Neems5 שנים לפני

    My dad retired recently. He doesn't appear to be missing the job either...

  38. Lali Saa

    Lali Saa6 שנים לפני

    I thought she was German.

  39. Joelmerida92

    Joelmerida926 שנים לפני

    Imma retire my mamma one day. Had me at 15 and been working hard since. She deserves it.

  40. Michael Guerrero

    Michael Guerrero6 שנים לפני

    The dream of a son to be able to provide for his working parents. I'll get there one day, as well.

  41. kidd sidi

    kidd sidi3 חודשים לפני

    Hopefully your son is still on the move to be prominent someday❤

  42. Bad jokes with Ricky Bobby

    Bad jokes with Ricky Bobby3 שנים לפני

    Michael Guerrero yea you will let's make it up there together


    JANCSQUAD6 שנים לפני

    OHHHH KAY IS YOUR MOM!!! She been workin too hard, i should send her a bouquet!!!!

  44. Urban Xplr

    Urban Xplr6 שנים לפני

    J.Cole is as real as they comes

  45. Mike Blaid

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  46. Mike Blaid

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  47. Nobu Watts

    Nobu Watts6 שנים לפני

    For real man wtf? It's not like she said "oh shit my son's famous I'ma quit my job now and sponge off him." Any good son who made a lot of money would want his mom to quit and want to buy everything for her and pay her bills. Like you said, she took care of you for 18 years, changed your diapers, wiped your piss off the side of the crib, got shitty sleep waking up to calm you down in the middle of the night, gave you life. Shit, least you could do is pay her bills, damn.

  48. Nobu Watts

    Nobu Watts6 שנים לפני

    Wtf?? That's insane.

  49. Homemedrunkimtake

    Homemedrunkimtake6 שנים לפני

    You're lucky man... at $8.20/hr?! Here in Canada it's $10.25 minimum wage... with 25% to 30% income tax taken directly out of your paycheck every fucking 2 weeks. so we're really making $7.18 an hour!

  50. JordanBaranco

    JordanBaranco6 שנים לפני

    "fuck the haters probably never love they momma's neither" - Cole

  51. stampnow

    stampnow6 שנים לפני


  52. Taylor Copeland

    Taylor Copeland6 שנים לפני

    This was beautiful, and this is why cole will continue to prosper.

  53. nevMatic

    nevMatic6 שנים לפני

    you're absolutely right, crazy how things are ass backwards

  54. Janice Doe

    Janice Doe6 שנים לפני

    "If you know my mama you know me/ if you don't well then I'm sorry/ you should get to know Kay/ man she been working too hard/ I should send her a bouquet

  55. albokk1

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  56. Heat Roll Music

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    Half black still black

  57. craig rankine

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    Just black

  58. Nobu Watts

    Nobu Watts6 שנים לפני

    I understand but $17 would feel like heaven to me. She says it's hard because she's always moving around. I work at Wal-Mart for $8.20 an hour in the Garden Center lifting 20 pound bags of soil and bird seed and putting grills and 70 pound boxes of unassembled patio sets in peoples cars all day. And I'm only making half of what she does.

  59. nevMatic

    nevMatic6 שנים לפני

    I feel you man but when you got a house payment and kids to raise that 17 feels like 5

  60. bluefuzzypeach

    bluefuzzypeach6 שנים לפני

    Your next album ain't gonna flop Cole!

  61. Jasmine Bailey

    Jasmine Bailey6 שנים לפני

    I wish she was my mail person. My mail people don't care :/

  62. Eric G

    Eric G7 שנים לפני

    This is why J. Cole so humble

  63. Mackenzy Dalusma

    Mackenzy Dalusma7 שנים לפני

    love is so powerful

  64. senoritaxlena

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  65. Mister Mondu

    Mister Mondu7 שנים לפני

    "If my next album flops it's back to the post office, both of us, shit"

  66. Tempest87

    Tempest877 שנים לפני

    Much love to J Cole's mom. She is America. Going and doing the hard job every day to make a better life for her family. Thanks takes a special woman to raise a strong, Black man in this world we live in and I can't imagine doing that as a White woman. Thanks sister and much love and light on your next journey :)

  67. Breeze mona

    Breeze mona7 שנים לפני

    if my next album flop its back to the post office both of us the thought alone is killing me i think i need to let it go - cole

  68. Coach Reed

    Coach Reed7 שנים לפני


  69. shelton wheat

    shelton wheat7 שנים לפני

    I truly understand hard work. Thanx for bringing a strong black man to us. God Bless!

  70. Aaron

    Aaron7 שנים לפני

    Exactly, why the fuck would you work if your SON makes crazy money

  71. noooooooooooooooooo

    noooooooooooooooooo7 שנים לפני

    ayy chill alright 17 dollars an hour isn't the greatest salary to support a family on your own I mean sure its better than nothing but look the man loves and appreciates his mother and wanted to do a tribute to her point blank period deal with it


    KING iXSANDER7 שנים לפני

    realest shit i read all day..

  73. patr1ckk3ll3y

    patr1ckk3ll3y7 שנים לפני

    She was addicted to crack so shut up.

  74. Kashyy SAF

    Kashyy SAF7 שנים לפני

    Y'all check out my page.

  75. Molly Cole

    Molly Cole7 שנים לפני

    This is so sweet. There's nothing more in this universe than I want for me to be able to provide for my mother. I love that she's a priority to him.

  76. Karan Gill

    Karan Gill7 שנים לפני

    Cole did it man he took his mom's out the post office that is more legit than any gold chain money can buy

  77. imTHEunderdawg

    imTHEunderdawg7 שנים לפני

    Don't be so naive minded, the fact that she's escaped a mundane cycle of life (which you still live in) is impressive enough, for a son to do that for his mother.

  78. Xpertize

    Xpertize7 שנים לפני

    this my favorite series.....very emotional #coleworld #june18th

  79. leth612

    leth6127 שנים לפני

    Salute to this! #NovastarMusic

  80. Brandon Polk

    Brandon Polk7 שנים לפני

    Imma make my moma proud just like that one day

  81. A N

    A N7 שנים לפני

    Never knew J. Cole was half white. You can tell by the video, his mother raised him very well.

  82. Boosie Jones

    Boosie Jones7 שנים לפני

    Pretty woman,love this lil story!

  83. CEDTVinHD

    CEDTVinHD7 שנים לפני

    Touching. Thanks for sharing this @JColeNC.

  84. Mykal Fox

    Mykal Fox7 שנים לפני

    That's what I want for my mother

  85. patr1ckk3ll3y

    patr1ckk3ll3y7 שנים לפני

    You don't know what they went through, a lot of shit goes down behind the scenes, no matter what your income is.

  86. Kwaku Mason

    Kwaku Mason7 שנים לפני

    17$ An hour !!! I make 6 she's cashing out!

  87. True Moody

    True Moody7 שנים לפני

    Hey I am an underground rapper from NJ, and i just started up a youtube page! i know you guys see stuff like this a lot on comments but i really just want to be heard. take three minutes to hear my new song i would really appreciate it! I make music to vent, i want to help people with my story. Check me out if you have time. It is really appreciated. - Shawn M.

  88. True Moody

    True Moody7 שנים לפני

    lmao.. thats funny but you dont know what she coulda been going through out side of work.. nah but that shit was funny

  89. MrROUSE90

    MrROUSE907 שנים לפני

    The point is he got his mom out of the job and retired her haters .

  90. SX BX

    SX BX7 שנים לפני

    Her life was so hard... she had to deliver mail. oh my!

  91. Nobu Watts

    Nobu Watts7 שנים לפני

    Wait hold the fuck up....$17 an hour??? fuck this I'm bout to be a mail man.

  92. Nick D'Urso

    Nick D'Urso7 שנים לפני

    This is dope!

  93. Pharoh DRE

    Pharoh DRE7 שנים לפני

    dreamville is inspiring no doubt it inspired the three knowledgeable kings and we will blow up and we gunning for the top so we taking dreamville place watch out cole cause when we make it we aiming for u