For Honor: The Honor Games Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

It's time to celebrate...and FIGHT! The Honor Games arrives in For Honor today - are you ready? For the first event of the Year of Reckoning, battle your way through the festival to earn special in-game emotes and rewards, available during this event only. Let the games begin! Ends February 27th.

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Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield fighting for guts, glory, and survival in For Honor, a new melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios.
Enter the chaos of a raging war as a Knight, Viking, or Samurai, three of the greatest warrior legacies. For Honor is a fast-paced and immersive experience, mixing skill with visceral, never-before-seen melee combat.
The Art of Battle, the game’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way on an intense, believable battleground.
For Honor offers an engaging campaign and thrilling multiplayer. Enjoy the full experience with friends online, in split screen two-player co-op, or solo against AI.
Key Features:
Choose your favorite warrior among a variety of unique heroes including deadly Knights, brutal Vikings, and cold-blooded Samurai. Able to turn the tide of battle and make their faction victorious, each hero comes with his or her own weapon set and combat style. Express your personality and inspire fear in your enemies by customizing each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, helmet, and weapon.
The memorable story campaign is a tale of warriors in which you will embody heroes of all three factions. Storming castles and fortresses, making the difference in massive battles, and confronting deadly bosses in intense duels, you will need all your wits and skills to ensure the survival of your people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon.
The groundbreaking multiplayer modes will test your skill and take your adrenaline to the next level. In the heart of battle with your band of warriors, coordination and communication will be the keys to victory as you support your allies, slaughter enemies, and own the battlefield.
Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power and impact of every strike. Precise and accessible, the Art of Battle system has been designed with the objective of putting you in total control of your combat moves.
© 2016 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. The For Honor logo, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.
For Honor: The Honor Games Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Sebastian Avalos

    Sebastian Avalos21 יום לפני

    The song sounds like it belongs in a Irish pub

  2. Red Reaper

    Red Reaperחודש לפני

    No one's playing it on Ps4

  3. Храбрец мэн

    Храбрец мэнחודש לפני

    Add Egyptians to the game

  4. Papa Sheev

    Papa Sheevחודש לפני

    So refreshing after 1 whole year of dArkhnes

  5. Rem

    Remחודש לפני

    Not gonna lie The hurry gurdy goes hard

  6. Aeon Calcos

    Aeon Calcosחודש לפני

    Most fun mode in game, can u guys please keep it? Drop Tribute instead if you have to

  7. Ketsu-wo-taberu

    Ketsu-wo-taberuחודש לפני

    More like the Chaos Games Still waiting for a 8 players ffa

  8. Fijan Valkenhim

    Fijan Valkenhimחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> Oh I thought that was a new Raider Execution Had to replay to see the shield (Valkyrie)

  9. Kroq Gar

    Kroq Garחודש לפני

    Do you plan on adding a New faction?because the Wu Lin faction would fit better in the game with maybe Aztec,Ottomans just my personnal opinion

  10. Rob Fus

    Rob Fusחודש לפני

    Ehi look at this variety of minion, could you add it on assoult for more immersive? I mean every soldier with the same outfit is like plaing star wars the clone wars

  11. Alastairio Robinsonio

    Alastairio Robinsonioחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">00:29</a> where do we get this Hitokiri helm?

  12. -Floky -

    -Floky -חודש לפני

    It's been available since the beginning of the season

  13. Dysfunctional_101

    Dysfunctional_101חודש לפני

    Why none of my knight boys win a fight?

  14. Tristan van Leeuwen

    Tristan van Leeuwenחודש לפני

    I would really like to know the song that they used for this trailer

  15. Omega Warrior

    Omega Warriorחודש לפני

    Announcer sounds like the same guy from test your metal but less edgy

  16. Gojira Artist

    Gojira Artistחודש לפני

    BUFF GOKI!!!!

  17. the white stormtrooper

    the white stormtrooperחודש לפני

    Peace? I only see blood and fights!!

  18. Eric asdasd

    Eric asdasdחודש לפני

    Assassins Creed Ragnarok when?

  19. Capone Ardelean

    Capone Ardeleanחודש לפני

    Fun stuff.

  20. Trevor O'Rear

    Trevor O'Rearחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> Oh? You're approaching me?

  21. Chris Scott

    Chris Scottחודש לפני

    God, I hope they have an announcer that sounds just like these (this) person. Depending on which faction leader is speaking

  22. Botnum 1

    Botnum 1חודש לפני

    If this season turns into an operation health kinda thing... I’ll lose my mind with happiness.

  23. Mr. Leon

    Mr. Leonחודש לפני

    Im going to be honest for a moment. None of that looked good enough to redownload

  24. AK Kurt

    AK Kurtחודש לפני

    U know i looked at the free pass.... its fucking gay asf and i said nah im not gona play the game i’d rather go on MW4 but now seeing this trailer its making me want to go back FML MAKE A BETTER FREE PASS AND I WOULD BE SO HAPPY

  25. Wealthy Bone

    Wealthy Boneחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> MY NAME IS GYOUBU, that scream literally reminded me of him

  26. dualclaymores

    dualclaymoresחודש לפני

    I’m awaiting Apollyon to crash the party.

  27. Bobby Jankins

    Bobby Jankinsחודש לפני

    Why do I have the feeling this truce is going to be broken soon

  28. Forcee Z

    Forcee Zחודש לפני

    He has the same passion for this event like he did for apollyon's legacy

  29. Hacuro Ikyro

    Hacuro Ikyroחודש לפני

    I can not change the language to russian from options can u pls fix that it's important to me the sound too. Btw can u crate a system after all so we can destroy the items we have and not need dismantle one by one it's takes so much time. Thx waiting for ur support I'm rdy to buy marching fire after those easy fixes please. Ps4

  30. D C

    D Cחודש לפני

    So is this a new temporary mode?

  31. Dilsoc

    Dilsocחודש לפני

    this thing has been way too much fun, it should stay as a permanent mode really

  32. Merx

    Merxחודש לפני


  33. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunterחודש לפני

    I wish I could just admire the map, look at all the different types of minions walking around, the Officers, the Guardians, the Commandors, I just want to admire it all

  34. DreamingBros Studio

    DreamingBros Studioחודש לפני

    All I do is play music and all they want is death

  35. matthew rolon

    matthew rolonחודש לפני

    Ok but who invited the Chinese

  36. DanPH77

    DanPH77חודש לפני

    whoever wrote up the story of "peace" is just some idiot who thinks they are the most clever write in the video game industry...losers

  37. Cody Dixon

    Cody Dixonחודש לפני

    @iamfragment 's art on one of those banners!!

  38. BongSaint__420__ Goat

    BongSaint__420__ Goatחודש לפני



    BOBCAT DKחודש לפני

    Love this gamemode :D

  40. sy danthay

    sy danthayחודש לפני

    All warden needed, was a fuckin cape

  41. Ziowar Biowar

    Ziowar Biowarחודש לפני



    DEUS VULTחודש לפני

    Ohhh yeaah!!

  43. guardian of the west

    guardian of the westחודש לפני

    That last pic looked like a grudge match

  44. Scout Trooper

    Scout Trooperחודש לפני

    So... For Honor Olympics?

  45. Tendai Ball

    Tendai Ballחודש לפני

    This man sure got pumped after saying “round 1” for four years

  46. SorryDaSlayer

    SorryDaSlayerחודש לפני

    Cross save

  47. Snakebren

    Snakebrenחודש לפני

    We need just need a gamemode of we just, chill explore and fight of certain zone like a kingdom to explore and interact with people,but only in my dream

  48. Calamortar

    Calamortarחודש לפני

    Hold up, is this not the same guy who voiced the Apollyon's Legacy event trailer?

  49. Annoy Lore

    Annoy Loreחודש לפני

    What the f*** is up with Ubisoft? All these tournament / events

  50. Annoy Lore

    Annoy Loreחודש לפני

    @Snakebren what

  51. Snakebren

    Snakebrenחודש לפני

    If you not habitually of this, you not ready. They do all game

  52. Justin Borgmann

    Justin Borgmannחודש לפני

    Wow, looks cool. To bad my game is bugged and won’t let me past the title screen

  53. J Harrison

    J Harrisonחודש לפני

    "Honor" yeah.... Right....

  54. Eliot Nance

    Eliot Nanceחודש לפני

    Can we get a Rader buff

  55. Error:404 Not found

    Error:404 Not foundחודש לפני

    You guy's add fucking over power characters, but won't give the warlord an update. This is some bullshit

  56. MikeThaCozmo

    MikeThaCozmoחודש לפני

    Please I want a Nunchaku Hero!

  57. Nick Schifanello

    Nick Schifanelloחודש לפני

    This isn’t peace at all.

  58. hihihi huhuhu

    hihihi huhuhuחודש לפני

    holy cow, this is the most awesome event trailer ive ever seen in my whole life in for honor

  59. FrontLineTexan 21

    FrontLineTexan 21חודש לפני

    This reason to fight constantly makes so much more sense.

  60. Stian Azarov

    Stian Azarovחודש לפני

    Lol they copied the song “shipping to Boston”

  61. Noah

    Noahחודש לפני

    They're celebrating peace through more violence...just saying.

  62. The Turtle

    The Turtleחודש לפני

    Best event so far

  63. Htun Naung

    Htun Naungחודש לפני

    Hunger game begin

  64. Dub Cheese studios

    Dub Cheese studiosחודש לפני

    Imagine your fellow knight friend enters these competitions and you see him get beheaded by a giant muscular viking and everyone cheers

  65. Krenec

    Krenecחודש לפני

    Seems similar to Rainbows Six Invitational Stadium Event, I like it :D

  66. Alehgory Regic

    Alehgory Regicחודש לפני

    Assassins creed type beat

  67. Osiris_Revenge

    Osiris_Revengeחודש לפני

    Your long and persistent support of this game is admirable, Ubisoft!

  68. Daemon Raze

    Daemon Razeחודש לפני

    Game is about Honor. But in the game the enemy team is gangbanging you .

  69. Steve Cardiac

    Steve Cardiacחודש לפני


  70. Spider Man

    Spider Manחודש לפני

    I saw battle pass then saw this, thought hunger games, and dreaded a battle royale, thank goodness it wasn't one

  71. RhinocamoGaming

    RhinocamoGamingחודש לפני

    Despite the battlepass, and not having a new hero. I'm actually starting to like this season

  72. laurent

    laurentחודש לפני

    we want more slot for emote pls

  73. I M P A I R E D D A Y Z

    I M P A I R E D D A Y Zחודש לפני

    Please bring back for the creed

  74. Rafael Carbajal

    Rafael Carbajalחודש לפני

    Please make this a permanent gamemode

  75. FaTaL ReM1X

    FaTaL ReM1Xחודש לפני


  76. Bob the magic koala

    Bob the magic koalaחודש לפני

    Let's celebrate peace with a show that's all ...about...fighting...yeah I don't think this fits the lore

  77. Eric Aem

    Eric Aemחודש לפני

    Tiandi vs Raider 😏 Tiandi takes the win

  78. Ivaniceto

    Ivanicetoחודש לפני

    I just love how January I was like.....I might start playing for Honor again and stick with it and get good at it even though it's kind of dying..... Ubisoft: Soulja boy voice" DYING!!?"

  79. PrettyDamnDandy

    PrettyDamnDandyחודש לפני

    Until a better developer makes a game with similar mechanics or a sequel is announced this game is gonna linger for quite some time before fizzling out.

  80. Gondie212

    Gondie212חודש לפני

    Glad there will be something else to do besides Dominion, other game modes are empty all the time on PC....

  81. Yung Soma.

    Yung Soma.חודש לפני

    One question will players be honorable?

  82. Biieel xD

    Biieel xDחודש לפני

    Apolyon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  83. FOR_HONOR_DUDE 109

    FOR_HONOR_DUDE 109חודש לפני


  84. Lord Midas Productions

    Lord Midas Productionsחודש לפני

    Just got finished playing a match of this, and BOY! Got to be one of the coolest events ever!