Game Theory: All Games are CONNECTED! | How Fortnite, Doom, and Kingdom Hearts Share a Universe

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It's been a while since I've done a connected universe theory, but man did I find a BIG ONE! Doom Eternal is coming out soon, and it got me looking into that universe. Little did I know how far that reach would be! We are talking Fortnite, Kingdom Hearts, and even SHREK! Today Loyal Theorists, I am going to take you on the wild ride that is the Doom Connected Universe! Strap in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Chance Cole, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Lucas Russel

    Lucas Russel4 שעות לפני

    Halo? Minecraft? ROBLOX???

  2. cats united

    cats united21 שעה לפני

    I'd is my hero

  3. Divine Glitch

    Divine Glitch3 ימים לפני

    Did you know Sonic and Mega Man had a crossover?

  4. Adam DelRocco

    Adam DelRocco4 ימים לפני

    If it opens up final fantasy doesn't that mean if open up the change to smash?

  5. Adam DelRocco

    Adam DelRocco4 ימים לפני

    Purple Guy is so thankful!

  6. Adam DelRocco

    Adam DelRocco4 ימים לפני

    never mind

  7. Adam DelRocco

    Adam DelRocco4 ימים לפני



    XONE_PUMP_MANx5 ימים לפני

    literally no one is safe from doom guy

  9. Brightcyberace Bca

    Brightcyberace Bca6 ימים לפני

    Tony hawk is a real person therefore doom guy is in our universe

  10. jblue88 hood gamer

    jblue88 hood gamer6 ימים לפני

    Don't forget that in Final Fantasy 15 they have are real life cup noodles.

  11. Jamie Wilby

    Jamie Wilby8 ימים לפני

    Can we just confirm all of this? It would be GREAT

  12. Nate the shadow beatboxer

    Nate the shadow beatboxer8 ימים לפני

    Everyone text scot cawthan to make doom crossover with fnaf

  13. noshavenohaircuts

    noshavenohaircuts9 ימים לפני

    He says "Beer is gross" as I'm enjoying a nice pint of this delicious Hardywood Christmas Morning over here in VA, shout-out to my favorite local brewery.

  14. CummingNico

    CummingNico10 ימים לפני

    This beta male really thinks Tony Hawk cameo characters are "canon".

  15. Normy Ocete

    Normy Ocete11 ימים לפני

    This is so meta halp

  16. Simon Cowell

    Simon Cowell12 ימים לפני

    He should make a part two where he includes Smash Bros

  17. Shalom B

    Shalom B12 ימים לפני

    “A city called ‘insomnia’” Me watching this at 2:15 AM: HEYOO

  18. jorik's strange stories

    jorik's strange stories12 ימים לפני

    ow and we cant forget megaman capcom vs marvel and sonic and megaman comic imagine calm voise

  19. Johan Stenfelt

    Johan Stenfelt13 ימים לפני

    Wow, this theory went off the rails😳😅😓.

  20. Lumberjack king the great

    Lumberjack king the great13 ימים לפני

    I have this character that is like me from another universe that travels the multiverse the whole video I'm thinking write this down write this down

  21. ToonStar Inc.

    ToonStar Inc.13 ימים לפני

    If you don’t mind I can add on with Wreck it Ralph and Vanellape making a cameo in an episode of the Fairly odd parents, then there’s the Nicktoon Unite series pulling in a ton of Nicktoon including Spongebob, Danny Phantom, as well as a guest appearance of Rocko from Rocko’s modern life, where Rocko’s friend Hepher make a cameo into the Cartoon Network show Camp Lazlo, a show which appeared in the comic series Super smash up which includes a slue of countless other Cartoon Network shows and characters...**gaaaaaaaaasp* I could be at this all day so I’m just going to stop.

  22. OdyJeff Peck

    OdyJeff Peck14 ימים לפני

    I KNEW IT!!!

  23. Nicholas DaRocha

    Nicholas DaRocha15 ימים לפני

    Disney Infinity is kinda a copout. Its even mentioned that the toy box versions of the characters ARE NOT the actual characters. So Sully in KH3 is not the same Sully as Infinity. Now there are other solutions to connect them (there always are). Fortnite can lead to Star Wars/Marvel, which from there you could go to something like Battlefront or if you really wanted, just stay with Tony Hawk and go straight to Disney Skate Adventure which takes you to Lion King/Toy Story/Tarzan, all which actually link to KH3.

  24. Supreme Seregios

    Supreme Seregios16 ימים לפני

    11:21 May Want To Reconsider That. Look At KH3 Re • Mind Trailers.

  25. Jamie Wilby

    Jamie Wilby17 ימים לפני


  26. greg tnt

    greg tnt17 ימים לפני

    most ambushes cross over yet media: smash bros. me: every game hero and villain

  27. greg tnt

    greg tnt17 ימים לפני

    most ambushes cross over yet media: smash bros. me: every game hero and villain

  28. The Crazy Gaurdian

    The Crazy Gaurdian17 ימים לפני

    and now we also know the missing generation in the blazkowitch family bloodline, thanks to wolfenstein youghbloods.

  29. Arturo Ayala

    Arturo Ayala18 ימים לפני

    11:21 until the Re:mind trailer is out.

  30. Angelus

    Angelus18 ימים לפני

    Sammus vs doomguy Who wins Pls tell I don't know who wins

  31. Rod Hardy

    Rod Hardy18 ימים לפני

    Would Fortnite also bring in Jhon Wick and Borderlands?

  32. Trevor Connor

    Trevor Connor19 ימים לפני

    Can anybody tell me how grand theft auto fits in this universe please?

  33. G Minecraft

    G Minecraft19 ימים לפני

    I wonder what the editor’s google search history looks like???

  34. 50puft :D

    50puft :D20 ימים לפני

    So this means Shrek and Luigi, two massive memes, can join forces. Yes.

  35. tracyminchew

    tracyminchew20 ימים לפני

    3:07 What’s a way-back machine ?

  36. tracyminchew

    tracyminchew18 ימים לפני

    Oh thanks 50puft

  37. 50puft :D

    50puft :D20 ימים לפני

    Wayback machine is a website where you type in a url and you can see that website at different points in the past.

  38. Trey Atkins

    Trey Atkins20 ימים לפני

    Fun Fact: The Disney Infinity narrator is the same person that played Spider-Man from the Spider-Man PS4 game.

  39. a random bitboy does stuff

    a random bitboy does stuff21 יום לפני

    The Game-verse

  40. Oh yes

    Oh yes21 יום לפני

    This theory is so crazy and weird

  41. badreedine Djellali

    badreedine Djellali21 יום לפני

    actually doom and wolfenstein do look simler because the are made by the same developers

  42. Lily Jeffries

    Lily Jeffries21 יום לפני

    6:07 Ya the future is really cool from what I hear (P.S. if you are from year 2137 what is it like?)

  43. ALPHAplays

    ALPHAplays22 ימים לפני

    I dont remember the final fantasy game but gordon freeman from half life is a playable character in one of the games.

  44. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee23 ימים לפני

    Doom in this crossover sense: 10000000/10 (because I just want the multiverse to burn) Literally everything else: GOD NO PLEASE NO

  45. Nucleic Detonator

    Nucleic Detonator23 ימים לפני

    Anyone else thing kratos and doom guy would be a badass duo?


    BLACK SHADOW24 ימים לפני

    I have Disney infinity 1,2 and 3

  47. Robert Revis

    Robert Revis24 ימים לפני

    what about capcom

  48. Cj Beair

    Cj Beair26 ימים לפני

    Purple Guy might actually get what's coming to him from Doomguy. So you can actually get excited over the cross over. Cuz you can get the 2016 Doom remake on steam witch means more games, more universe's more possibilitys. Plus you can get FNAF also on steam.

  49. Kim Aiken

    Kim Aiken26 ימים לפני

    MATT THE IS A CROSS OVER BETWEEN FINAL FANTASY AND KINGDOM HEARTS!! In the third game (2.9), Sora becomes an action figure for a video game character in the Toy Story world! When he gets sent into the monitor he is playing as the FF main character I think! Can you do a theory on that?

  50. Cj Beair

    Cj Beair26 ימים לפני

    Mattpat sigh me up for game theory. Cuz I'm going to connect a bunch of games. Plus like what you said earlier ' there is a huge web of konections in the video game universe' but I took it one step further I connected the game world with the real world. So please once again sigh me up on gt(game theory).

  51. Cj Beair

    Cj Beair26 ימים לפני

    I guess all that's left is undertale,ddlc,call of duty,Halo, Minecraft,ecet.mattpatt you didn't just open an infinite universe in video games, but also video games and real life.whitch means Monika can finally cross over to our universe and proclaim her love for us.

  52. Trevor Connor

    Trevor Connor25 ימים לפני

    *Clicks Tongue* N O I C E

  53. Regina Lijoi

    Regina Lijoi26 ימים לפני

    Tidus and Selphie could be children possessing animatronic suits after Destiny Islands got devoured by darkness


    PUNISHER ZACK27 ימים לפני

    Monsterverse is my favorite

  55. MizoGaming HD

    MizoGaming HD28 ימים לפני

    There is a mobile game called sonic dash which brings angry birds and hello kitty and pac man

  56. Kher Gokulsing

    Kher Gokulsing28 ימים לפני

    0:07 the door to meme

  57. Noble Crusader

    Noble Crusaderחודש לפני

    Doom guy wins every game



    Ok somebody come get matpat

  59. IceCold Toons

    IceCold Toonsחודש לפני

    this is how many times matpat says crossover l l l v

  60. Alextrocute

    Alextrocuteחודש לפני

    Lets make a massively connected multiverse Translation: let's see how many places doom guy can slaughter

  61. Koko BG

    Koko BGחודש לפני

    How's this for a little extra; Spiderman's movie rights are with sony, but mainly (For animated shows, comics AND GAMES) they are with MARVEL, which opens up the whole lot of MARVEL characters. Next we can simply include the MARVEL Multi-verse (Zombies and etc.) Whats more is we can then include Capcom since there are games 'Marvel vs. Capcom' . Of course if we add the comics then we can add Marvel and DC crossover, the Amalgam universe, AS WELL as Transformers since in the begining it was a Marvel owned franchise. Thats all my tired head can tie in.

  62. Pixel Gamer

    Pixel Gamerחודש לפני

    I must live in the city Insomnia cause I can never sleep

  63. Belles Family

    Belles Familyחודש לפני


  64. ShOwOba

    ShOwObaחודש לפני

    7:01 "Is our green clad space mari-" *Explosion noise* *Warframe Ad*

  65. Kira Doray

    Kira Dorayחודש לפני

    They could also go on TV too if you loop the Nintendo switch into this since Mario did a crossover with the rabbids and went on TV for an episode too, and for Mario and Sonic at the Japan 2020 Olympics there's an og option (like original Pixel sprites) so now doom guy could interact with original doom guy, also this could loop into Pokemon but I'm not so sure I'll edit this when I get cannon Pokemon information. So I have more info, in Pokemon red green blue you could see Mario wearing a bucket on the TV, and in super Mario Galaxy it has a pokeball planet, The Fluzzard bird in Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks really similar to ho-oh from pkm, in Mario maker you could change your character to a Pokemon like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charizard, Greninja(etc). Ok that's all I got...

  66. Fainuole 5000

    Fainuole 5000חודש לפני

    It would be werry cool, if Mario would go to the Minecraft!!!

  67. Olivia Hinson

    Olivia Hinsonחודש לפני

    Actually if anyone one was copying anyone.. it would be skylanders copying u.b funkeys