Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 Opening Scene Breakdown and Easter Eggs

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Covering new Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 Opening Scene. New Trailer Con Footage. Morty and Jerry Episode, Rick and Morty Season 5 Teaser Explained. Future Episode Easter Eggs from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. And lots more coming soon.
I'll also be doing a Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 3 video and weekly Easter Eggs for that series on Disney Plus!

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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesomeחודש לפני

    Here's my new Rick and Morty Season 4 Easter Eggs video. My full Season 4 Episode 3 video will post Monday morning. Here's my Rick and Morty Episode 2 video! ilgos.info/wyd-w/zamHlJtzoa5szsw.html

  2. Rinza Productions

    Rinza Productionsחודש לפני

    you need to do a review on the crisis trailer that came out

  3. Robert McMurrer

    Robert McMurrerחודש לפני

    I am enjoying the new season but wish it was longer than ten episodes.

  4. vmwindustries

    vmwindustriesחודש לפני

    The belt buckel is from the movie, From dusk till dawn.

  5. Jordan Welch

    Jordan Welchחודש לפני

    do a video on who you think is going to die in crisis

  6. Loutzenheiser

    Loutzenheiser25 ימים לפני

    Anti-Booby suits... burn!!!

  7. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janusחודש לפני

    Rick and Morty is one of those shows that was made to have memorable moments. I don't think a lot of people remeber the first episode of any show, but we all remeber the seeds

  8. CJ

    CJחודש לפני

    My favorite moment was the shrimp universe.

  9. Billy Ruth

    Billy Ruthחודש לפני

    "Every breath I take without your permission raises my self esteem" that is GOLD

  10. Sebastián Reyes

    Sebastián Reyesחודש לפני

    Miles knightley is literally freddie mercury

  11. Jimmy Peeps

    Jimmy Peepsחודש לפני

    The "job" was to have a crew to get into the convention because he couldn't get in without one......not to be part of a montage. Pay attention. Ketchup

  12. iamundergrace

    iamundergraceחודש לפני

    You son of a bitch, I'm in!

  13. digunder14

    digunder14חודש לפני

    the job was just to have a crew to avoid having to buy a pass to get in

  14. Steve

    Steveחודש לפני

    " Strange. Considering the time, Cassiopeia's primary star should be collinear with Orion and Ursa Minor. "

  15. AvatarOfBlues

    AvatarOfBluesחודש לפני

    I think you missed a "baby driver" easter egg at the first time they try to enter the convention when he introduces morty as his "...driver..." what do you guys think?

  16. Tzvi Feinberg

    Tzvi Feinbergחודש לפני

    there was way too much incepted into this episode

  17. sandeep dash

    sandeep dashחודש לפני

    My favourite part is The booby suits. The part where is says total waste of snakes 😂

  18. G4MING B0SS

    G4MING B0SSחודש לפני

    Akira morty!!!!!!!!!

  19. Darma Angelo

    Darma Angeloחודש לפני

    This is different Rick I believe this is about evil Morty story

  20. Ian J

    Ian Jחודש לפני

    Favorite scene is Rick's fight with the President and they both have tons of gadgets.

  21. Kenny Phantom

    Kenny Phantomחודש לפני

    I think it was low key funny when Elon Tusk made them move for no reason lmao

  22. Duck 111

    Duck 111חודש לפני

    Promethius was amazing. This is the same video released after someone else on what was copied from movies and Easter eggs. Keep it o.g :/

  23. Henry Blackwell-Rodriquez

    Henry Blackwell-Rodriquezחודש לפני

    The AB suits remind me of the Zoltan cults suits from Dude Where’s my car?, what do you think?


    ALEX GIBSONחודש לפני

    I think those corpses are the covenant from Halo

  25. Sir Apolo

    Sir Apoloחודש לפני

    Where can I watch the episode :(?

  26. Roll tide Roll

    Roll tide Rollחודש לפני

    Bro come on now Prometheus was a bad ass movie I loved it.

  27. Alexis Inostroza

    Alexis Inostrozaחודש לפני

    This has won a place in my list of most-liked episodes of Rick and Morty

  28. Minho Cho

    Minho Choחודש לפני

    Phew, I’m glad I watch these after I see the episode, because spoilers XP

  29. Ravex24

    Ravex24חודש לפני

    6:11 Couldn't care less, not could.

  30. Stratilex

    Stratilexחודש לפני

    What if this whole time they were still in the simulation from season 1?

  31. Ish Cormier

    Ish Cormierחודש לפני

    Fav moment was when Rick explained how he stole the 💀 with minimal effort to the thing they call an art 😂😂😂 Rick is King of Pettiville

  32. Krombopulous JR

    Krombopulous JRחודש לפני

    Love when Rick sets ups the whole episode just to keep his morty from getting a Netflix deal n leaving!

  33. jonathan Stafford

    jonathan Staffordחודש לפני

    Calls out the app delivery service hard I love it

  34. Marc Yeo

    Marc Yeoחודש לפני

    Not a weapon, but I loved most how Rick delivered the fart bomb and middle finger turd to Tony. To me it's one of the most elaborate and hilarious device to push people away

  35. obrecht72

    obrecht72חודש לפני

    Rick "I thought you were masturbating." Morty "And you took that in stride?"

  36. jorge nieves

    jorge nievesחודש לפני

    "Emergency Awesome, You Son of a Bitch" The best easter egg in this episode -Arnold Schwarzenegge in Predator

  37. David Vega

    David Vegaחודש לפני

    I really liked the heist gathering segments, it really shows how many connections Rick has in the universe.

  38. Felix Kjellberg

    Felix Kjellbergחודש לפני

    Rick dying

  39. Josh Woods

    Josh Woodsחודש לפני

    favorite part of the episode is every time rick says he's gotta go get some old friends

  40. Anti-HyperLink

    Anti-HyperLinkחודש לפני

    I don't understand why they criticize superhero movies. Do they just hate everything? Do they kick puppies? Like, it's not about trendy things or events it's about taking something from a comic book to a movie.

  41. Anti-HyperLink

    Anti-HyperLinkחודש לפני

    Just because something is ancient, doesn't mean it's primitive. The universe is A LOT older than us.

  42. Anti-HyperLink

    Anti-HyperLinkחודש לפני

    Were the battle droids in Phantom Menace older models. They looked like that.

  43. Anti-HyperLink

    Anti-HyperLinkחודש לפני

    Okay, that "Brought to you by Wendy's" line really tripped me out because not only do I work at Wendy's, I'm eating Wendy's right now. Help.

  44. Gatcha Ross & candy’s there

    Gatcha Ross & candy’s thereחודש לפני

    You need to know Marty’s backpack 🎒 is in the scenes

  45. Chris Kennedy

    Chris Kennedyחודש לפני

    Just watched the full episode and it was so freaking good. One of the best ones of the series so far.

  46. abin tom

    abin tomחודש לפני

    Scene of poopy butt hole

  47. Spartan 1337

    Spartan 1337חודש לפני

    Is it just me or is this season really sucking so far? It feels like the last 3 episodes were filler with no plot and not rememberable. Don’t get me wrong I loved the other season it’s just my expectations were higher. episode 3 was really annoying like they used the heist gag the whole episode and got really old fast and I have to this is probably the worst episode out the whole series

  48. Spartan 1337

    Spartan 1337חודש לפני

    Aeaqu QxC someone’s salty I didn’t like there favorite show like I said the joke got old and got annoying if you want to be the blind one that’s ok

  49. Aeaqu QxC

    Aeaqu QxCחודש לפני

    @Spartan 1337 they didn't do the same joke, the episode was the joke. Are you blind? It was a parody of an Oceans film as referenced, similar to the Akira in episode 1. If you don't like it don't watch it, no need to complain that your dry as balls weren't satisfied

  50. Spartan 1337

    Spartan 1337חודש לפני

    Aeaqu QxC you didn’t change my mind at all all you said was the animation was better you’re telling me this whole heist episode was funny like they did the same joke how many times

  51. Aeaqu QxC

    Aeaqu QxCחודש לפני

    Nah your just being a boomer, the animation is a lot better and the episodes are fucking amazing. In all seriousness though, only a couple of episodes each season are for plot (1 &2) with season 3 being more plot based, so just wait till the season ends to judge

  52. Anoc

    Anocחודש לפני

    Best scene has to be the nazi teddy bear version of Rick


    FLCNPNCHחודש לפני

    The Fly Mob Boss scene was probably the best from season 4 so far

  54. Puzzle LJ

    Puzzle LJחודש לפני

    Where are you guys watching the episodes?

  55. Remi Se

    Remi Seחודש לפני

    My favorite secret Rick weapon moment is when he reveals that he keeps a snake compartment on him just to pretend he's turning people into snakes when he really just disintegrates them.

  56. Happy Chavo

    Happy Chavoחודש לפני

    Episode starts 1:23

  57. Kķn_D :

    Kķn_D :חודש לפני

    Heist gone wrong, but it was right, cos to be wrong was the plan after all, and if it go wrong, then being wrong was the right all along 😂😅

  58. Louie Ariza

    Louie Arizaחודש לפני

    It's "Couldn't care less"!!!

  59. David Jr

    David Jrחודש לפני

    There are so many but for the sake of the contest , My favorite moment so far is: 🚨 Obvious ...spoiler 🚨 the end credits of the death crystal episode when morty finds out all the crap he has been doing was for nothing. He thought he would be spending a life with Jessica , even turned down a chance to go skinny dipping with her because of it. His face after she reveals what she wants to do.... was priceless.

  60. Mister Tterevel

    Mister Tterevelחודש לפני

    This entire episode is essentialy one big joking riff on caper/heist films.

  61. janjan tandoc

    janjan tandocחודש לפני

    can't wait for ep. 4

  62. Jesse Lomeli

    Jesse Lomeliחודש לפני

    Freddie Mercury was the best part

  63. Filip Janík

    Filip Janíkחודש לפני

    Best moment so far is Morty going full akira

  64. EnglandIsMyCity

    EnglandIsMyCityחודש לפני

    Elon Tusk and Tuskla was the best ever part, and the fact it was voiced by him is even better

  65. Gaston

    Gastonחודש לפני

    I hope that season 4 gets better, its been pretty lame till now

  66. Justafollower

    Justafollowerחודש לפני

    Where do you watch these episodes I’ve only found them on ILgos

  67. Reynaud Tom

    Reynaud Tomחודש לפני

    Those Kojak vibes in the latest episode ! That was good

  68. Nickle El Bago

    Nickle El Bagoחודש לפני

    Pretty sure the Rick we're seeing isn't the same Rick from season 3 at least. Season 3 starts with Rick moving between bodies and excuses himself to leave repeatedly by saying he's "gotta go take a shit" yet is suddenly a shy pooper? Different Rick.