Samurai & Shogun (Rick and Morty) | adult swim

Drunken life, dreamy death. #RickandMortyAnime
Rick and Morty returns May 3 to Adult Swim.
Director/Script: Kaichi Sato
Cast: Yohei Tadano (Rick WTM72)
Keisuke Chiba (Shogun Morty)
Executive Producer: Maki Terashima-Furuta MakiTerashima
Producer: Koji Iijima (Studio DEEN)
Production: Studio DEEN
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  1. Ray X

    Ray Xשעה לפני

    Rick Sanchez beats all Japanese sumari performance Ever

  2. j

    j4 שעות לפני


  3. Living Failure

    Living Failure4 שעות לפני

    How it feels to be good in any soulsborne games

  4. Tnl 35

    Tnl 354 שעות לפני


  5. C.I.A Agent

    C.I.A Agent4 שעות לפני

    If this was an anime I would definitely watch this

  6. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader5 שעות לפני


  7. Flos Scienta

    Flos Scienta6 שעות לפני

    Rick And Morty + Anime = Perfection

  8. Fernando Dobro

    Fernando Dobro6 שעות לפני

    Sekiro :v

  9. Alexei rios

    Alexei rios7 שעות לפני

    what chapter

  10. mateo jakke

    mateo jakke7 שעות לפני


  11. Luis Angel Armenta

    Luis Angel Armenta7 שעות לפני


  12. CoryxKenshin free giveaway

    CoryxKenshin free giveaway8 שעות לפני

    CoryxKenshin Samurai Squad

  13. Lucas501

    Lucas50110 שעות לפני

    This reminds me of Afro samurai, its very similar

  14. SovietToaster_93

    SovietToaster_9310 שעות לפני

    If you think about it this is canon.. infinite ricks infinite realities Infinite possibilities

  15. Rockrobin

    Rockrobin11 שעות לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> Reminds me of FFT skill "blade grasp"...

  16. 툴리아

    툴리아11 שעות לפני


  17. Pigeon

    Pigeon12 שעות לפני

    Of course it’s a lone wolf and cub reference

  18. Jason Li

    Jason Li12 שעות לפני

    Who imagines this rick as CoryxKenshin?... Cory would love this

  19. simerboy

    simerboy12 שעות לפני

    Wtf there is so much blood

  20. Kenny M.

    Kenny M.13 שעות לפני

    Omg this is the best video i ever seen this is litt vro

  21. CoyBoat 275

    CoyBoat 27515 שעות לפני

    I’ve always wanted to see Rick And Morty as an anime.

  22. t r a s h ,

    t r a s h ,15 שעות לפני

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> you can hear this sound and that sound came from bo2 the sound is when u are alost about to die

  23. Lillaxgaming Mc

    Lillaxgaming Mc16 שעות לפני

    Me thinking about one pieces wano arc: *my recommendations:*

  24. マックス

    マックス17 שעות לפני

    I'm very disappointed this comment section doesn't know what Lone Wolf & Cub is. The manga is a masterpiece.

  25. Anirban Deuri

    Anirban Deuri18 שעות לפני

    Lone wold and cub

  26. Thatoneguy 0-0

    Thatoneguy 0-018 שעות לפני

    This shows up on anime

  27. just a bad steve main

    just a bad steve main19 שעות לפני

    The "wubba lubba dub dub" when Rick is drugged got me.

  28. Brent Joshevama

    Brent Joshevama19 שעות לפני

    Such Kill bill Bloody action💀

  29. DaJon Sweeney

    DaJon Sweeney19 שעות לפני

    wtf lmao

  30. DaJon Sweeney

    DaJon Sweeney19 שעות לפני

    i would def watch it tho

  31. Shovel Knight Master

    Shovel Knight Master19 שעות לפני

    Ok this is obviously a parody of something, but of what?

  32. Jennifer Vanderloop

    Jennifer Vanderloop20 שעות לפני

    So, it seems like most people here never watched any "Lone Wolf and Cub"? Ya'll should probably fix that.


    FLASH HADES GAMING21 שעה לפני

    Where battosai

  34. Akkala Dolphin

    Akkala Dolphin22 שעות לפני

    Rikiro Morty Dies ... a lot

  35. The Mining King

    The Mining King22 שעות לפני

    After the whole stunt they pulled on episode 6, I lost interest in this show as their is no point to it now

  36. joshua gauthier

    joshua gauthier22 שעות לפני

    Madara Sanchez or rick uchiha

  37. AfricanCanadian eh

    AfricanCanadian eh23 שעות לפני

    If you havent seen it watch Afro Samurai.

  38. Crazy Xenomorph

    Crazy Xenomorph23 שעות לפני

    Anything's an anime if you're brave enough

  39. Angry Juice

    Angry Juiceיום לפני

    Anyone else feel like this is a parody to Sekiro?

  40. Luca Jochem

    Luca Jochemיום לפני

    Which Episode is that

  41. ityeboi _420

    ityeboi _420יום לפני

    The manga is better

  42. kifita1

    kifita1יום לפני

  43. zorzales zorzales

    zorzales zorzalesיום לפני


  44. Kane Smith

    Kane Smithיום לפני

    What is up with morty in this he's like a vegetable

  45. AsrielKekker

    AsrielKekker18 דקות לפני


  46. Kae NoN

    Kae NoNיום לפני


  47. Handyjohny

    Handyjohnyיום לפני



    DOODLYDOOיום לפני

    Imagine if this reality exist

  49. Sir David

    Sir Davidיום לפני

    I like the design of the Ninja Ricks, they reminded me of the Soldiers from Metal Slug.

  50. Rinocerontus

    Rinocerontusיום לפני

    *OH J E E Z RICK*

  51. ReVs_Hyype

    ReVs_Hyypeיום לפני

    Rick wtm-72 with the one pump

  52. Marty 1 Million

    Marty 1 Millionיום לפני

    The funny thing is thanks to Rick and Morty’s multiverse, this is basically canon.

  53. Franklin Potter

    Franklin Potterיום לפני

    wow, i can believe studio deen did this awesome work, after how they fucked up so many series

  54. FaZe Litty

    FaZe Littyיום לפני


  55. AeroYt

    AeroYtיום לפני

    when rick and morty mas made on japan

  56. deletedTestimony

    deletedTestimonyיום לפני

    I'm starting to think a lot of samurai movies were wishful thinking on the part of shoguns who wanted to kill the ninja assassins that kept killing their men from the shadows instead of having honorable fights

  57. Smith Records

    Smith Recordsיום לפני

    I would totally play this if it was a video game

  58. andre cabral

    andre cabral2 ימים לפני

    When is gonna release de another season ?

  59. khight puny

    khight puny2 ימים לפני


  60. Sean Andrew

    Sean Andrew2 ימים לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> anybody else recognize that whispery-type sound?😉

  61. Poseidoon

    Poseidoon2 ימים לפני

    That some good stuff right there 😂

  62. Assozial Nətwork

    Assozial Nətwork2 ימים לפני

    I don´t get it. It also bores me too much to really watch it through. I do it more like watching 3 seconds....boring (click)...uhu 2 minutes still boring (click)....3 minutes boring btw. when comes the shotgun? (click) 4 and 5 minutes boring boring (click click). Writing a comment starting with:" I don´t get it".

  63. Keel Umbra

    Keel Umbra2 ימים לפני

    me seeing them in space: they could of made a Moonmen joke here *The Moonmen show up*: ah shit.

  64. Haytham Alexander

    Haytham Alexander2 ימים לפני

    It is the Universe where everybody is a samurai, obviously!

  65. Chalunton .4

    Chalunton .42 ימים לפני

    Why i think to batman samurai?

  66. T Misa

    T Misa2 ימים לפני

    The director's interview on Arab news!

  67. TheÖmerOsman

    TheÖmerOsman2 ימים לפני

    hey Pls Relesae the ending song

  68. TheÖmerOsman

    TheÖmerOsman2 ימים לפני

    ending song realy cool

  69. I commented

    I commented2 ימים לפני

    Isn't this canon


    CRYZEN RAVEN2 ימים לפני

    This scene reminds me of the game called "TENCHU" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> "RIKIMARU ABILITY"

  71. Rody Willems

    Rody Willems2 ימים לפני

    How tf is this monetized

  72. sorry I'm different

    sorry I'm different2 ימים לפני

    They should really make a Rick and Morty anime like this

  73. Starseed .the. Gaian

    Starseed .the. Gaian2 ימים לפני

    Hey Justin R. Please take a break on Solar opposites and focus all your genius on Rick and Morty please

  74. Eshan Divecha

    Eshan Divecha2 ימים לפני

    yo studio deen made this holy shit this was amazing

  75. Sry_banana

    Sry_banana2 ימים לפני

    Rick And Morty: The samurai quest

  76. Great Jävän

    Great Jävän2 ימים לפני

    Is this that Naruto that everybody loves?

  77. Mano Paulo

    Mano Paulo3 ימים לפני


  78. Mabio Barroso

    Mabio Barroso3 ימים לפני

    Lobo solitário

  79. Sandy Maok

    Sandy Maok3 ימים לפני

    This would make a great anime

  80. tmoney98

    tmoney983 ימים לפני

    OG this got Sekiro written all over it <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> Chained Ogre DEATHBLOW!!!

  81. Andres Flores

    Andres Flores3 ימים לפני

    Theey really need to makee a Rick andd Morty game soon, this would be an insanely amazing masterpiece of a game

  82. Jiahao Li

    Jiahao Li3 ימים לפני

    Ehm I don't like 3d rick