The Green Knight | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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  1. xacharias_s

    xacharias_s6 שעות לפני

    What are the circular parts of their crowns? Are they meant to represent halos or saints?

  2. Woable Attack

    Woable Attack7 שעות לפני

    Fear and Loathing in Camelot? Sounds fun!

  3. Ranphanm ka

    Ranphanm ka7 שעות לפני

    When I see A24 logo : "Shut up and take my money !"

  4. sedih hijab

    sedih hijab8 שעות לפני

    mode in king..

  5. bssni touir

    bssni touir8 שעות לפני

    to see it

  6. Rodney James

    Rodney James8 שעות לפני

    I was waiting for the Green Knight to say: *"I am GROOT!!!"*

  7. aaron Morais

    aaron Morais9 שעות לפני

    Wow this looks really dark ! I hope they will respect the original story without adding stupid socio-political propaganda. Nevertheless I'm surprised and pleased to see a medieval tale such as Sir Gawain and The Green Knight coming to the big screen.

  8. Aeta Capella

    Aeta Capella9 שעות לפני

    I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: what kind of dog is that at 1:01 !? I love it!

  9. bssni touir

    bssni touir8 שעות לפני

    Color me intrigued

  10. Alyssa Yeo

    Alyssa Yeo9 שעות לפני

    does anyone know what the spinning wheel puppetry is called, and if it's a real medieval puppetry technique? Can't seem to find any information on the whole stone wheel concept, but would love to know if the commentors have any input!

  11. Pepsiman

    Pepsiman10 שעות לפני

    Hmmm ah yes a medieval english tale with a non white protagonist.

  12. Najmi Zesdyzar

    Najmi Zesdyzar11 שעות לפני

    For a second there I thought this would be a Hereditary sequel/prequel

  13. Shining Moon Studio

    Shining Moon Studio12 שעות לפני

    Groot is angry!

  14. Sadat

    Sadat12 שעות לפני

    Gives some Dark Souls vibe.

  15. A M

    A M13 שעות לפני

    After Hereditary, everyone is wary of A24 films. Pop a Xanax before this one, y'all.

  16. Wythe Davis

    Wythe Davis13 שעות לפני

    For more info on the source look up the BBC podcast “In our time” they did a great episode recently on The Green Knight. Full of interesting backstory including the relation of green to the natural world and therefore the devil, in an old Christian sense. Really interesting stuff.

  17. Herschell Bennett

    Herschell Bennett14 שעות לפני

    There’s a certain sort of student of English that carries this book around like an emblem of honour, as if to understand the Middle English language confers an intellectual prestige beyond most people. Well, judging by this trailer, that type will not like this film. It’s immediately accessible and provocative. It is strange to see something so old (in the European context) appear to evoke some of the terror of its time. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to this film, based on this trailer, which is all the more surprising for a poem, which I thought inaccessible and elitist for most of my life.

  18. TeamKhronicZer0

    TeamKhronicZer015 שעות לפני

    Oh hell this looks so good. Even if the movie is no good, this trailer has me fucking sold

  19. Hugh M

    Hugh M16 שעות לפני

    There were no Indians in England during King Arthur's time. From this alone, it's already obvious that the filmmakers don't care about faithfulness to the original story. So disrespectful.

  20. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide18 שעות לפני

    Something about that shot of him tied up and paralelling the skull tied up decaying . just that shot is cinematography gold. I want to know what camera they used

  21. 簡哪拿

    簡哪拿20 שעות לפני

    be humble

  22. ShalakumX Simba

    ShalakumX Simba20 שעות לפני

    *D O P E*

  23. Da Sword Of Gork

    Da Sword Of Gork20 שעות לפני

    So this is about Gilles the Breton? The founder of Bretonnia?

  24. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide18 שעות לפני

    lead into an end movie that covers The Strife of Camlann.

  25. Unlimited Fandom

    Unlimited Fandom21 שעה לפני

    Color me intrigued

  26. Audra C

    Audra C21 שעה לפני

    A24 doing Arthurian period pieces? Count me in.

  27. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright22 שעות לפני

    look up Joseph Campbell and the Green Knight if you want to hear him tell the story in a really interesting way

  28. JANDERSO4555

    JANDERSO455523 שעות לפני

    Someone named "Dev Patel" starring in a film based on Arthurian legend. This is cultural appropriation. I'm shaking. I literally can't breathe. Yet, White actors in a film about legendary Egyptian Gods...and everybody loses their minds! The anti-White hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.

  29. Taylor Williams

    Taylor Williams23 שעות לפני

    I need this NOW

  30. Stefferson Segundo

    Stefferson Segundo23 שעות לפני

    Is this a new teaser of the Hellblade game from Xbox Series X?

  31. 9Dragon

    9Dragonיום לפני

    I didn't know sir Gwain who was English, was really a Spaniard? Also, the King is supposed to be Aurthur which doesn't look like King Arthurs court. It looks boring except for the Green Knight which probably is like 15 minutes of an hour and a half movie.

  32. shaddy Wesley

    shaddy Wesleyיום לפני

    Yes dev Patel...this dude is awesomely

  33. Fuck You And Your Ideology

    Fuck You And Your Ideologyיום לפני

    Are they serious with this diversity propaganda? Hey A24, there was no diversity in ancient England.

  34. Josh West

    Josh West23 שעות לפני

    Nor was there a Tree Man.

  35. Soylent Green

    Soylent Greenיום לפני

    This looks promising.

  36. Gus Topher

    Gus Topherיום לפני

    There is a Version of this with Sean Connery as the Green Knight that is delightfully and enjoyably campy

  37. Т - И - З

    Т - И - Зיום לפני


  38. Maru

    Maruיום לפני

    Alicia Vikander♥

  39. KnightInShiningASMR

    KnightInShiningASMRיום לפני

    I'm just gonna wait for the fight scenes to show up on youtube.

  40. Spencer Bodine

    Spencer Bodineיום לפני

    I'm more interested in this than I thought I would be. Can we get more movies based off of Arhturian mythos? There's a bunch of them that would be really cool. Especially if they lead into an end movie that covers The Strife of Camlann.

  41. Mike Simcoe

    Mike Simcoeיום לפני

    Dark souls boner activated!

  42. Mike Simcoe

    Mike Simcoe15 שעות לפני

    @niduoe stre yes absolutely

  43. niduoe stre

    niduoe streיום לפני

    excited but confused, should i expect elements of horror?

  44. Filip lahoda

    Filip lahodaיום לפני

    If you only had money for one special effect, don't show it in the trailer. Let it shine in the movie.

  45. Joseph Flores

    Joseph Floresיום לפני

    YESSSSS when a trailer can make me watch it more then once we got something special here that's how you do it wheres my a24 merch so I can rep my favorite movie studio I need an a24 zip up hoodie

  46. Sirius_Sarah

    Sirius_Sarahיום לפני

    Said Gawain, gay of cheer, ‘Whether fate be foul or fair, Why falter I or fear? What should man do but dare?’ ❤

  47. L P

    L Pיום לפני

    It seems they're using imagery and symbolism from tarot. The emperor, wheel of fortune, death card, highest priests entangled in a fantastic thriller of the mind with a tarot reader in it;interesting!

  48. fuzzhead

    fuzzheadיום לפני

    i just.... like.. really wanna work here ( but im just 14 lmaooo )

  49. christina ladyreaper

    christina ladyreaperיום לפני

    I thought this was gonna be a good movie, but after watching it last week at a closed screening I was very disappointed! Many characters in this movie but not much of a backstory, no big battle scenes, it was incomplete.

  50. P Am

    P Amיום לפני

    this shit looks pretty badass.... i am excited...

  51. ruthless 0110

    ruthless 0110יום לפני

    Came here because of secession studios.

  52. Agnibha Sen

    Agnibha Senיום לפני

    An Indian Knight in an Arthurian tale. SURE! Doesn't look stupid at ALL!

  53. Alan Flaco

    Alan Flacoיום לפני

    I make a pledge to watch every A24 film this year

  54. soinu foig

    soinu foigיום לפני

    I'm quite impressed by Dev Patel for lighting himself on fire for that scene. Hayden Christensen did that same thing and I respect both actors for their commitment to their role

  55. Drago

    Dragoיום לפני

    Reminds me of game of thrones alike

  56. Sam Levin

    Sam Levinיום לפני

    Looks like a magic the gathering card.

  57. Lee J

    Lee Jיום לפני

    Jeez A24..relax.. no need to burn people 10 sec into the video..

  58. Adapa Sriharsha

    Adapa Sriharshaיום לפני

    An indian posing as a Britisher, that too in medeival times

  59. Amanda

    Amandaיום לפני

    excited but confused, should i expect elements of horror?

  60. Ali Khan

    Ali Khanיום לפני

    Howcome they let an Indian into a film that is purely based on British history.I mean Indian weren't even there at that period in time,it made this movie look so fake.

  61. Republic Standard

    Republic Standardיום לפני

    Sir Gawain was WELSH.

  62. Umran

    Umranיום לפני

    If Dark Souls was a movie, this is the trailer we deserved.

  63. 김wg

    김wgיום לפני

    Don't know why. But I watch this trailer 5 times everyday.

  64. Fbn J

    Fbn Jיום לפני

    Use headdfones*****

  65. Samirit Banik

    Samirit Banikיום לפני

    Slumdog Millionaire's Indian Actor Dev Patel, A24? i am in. Proud to be an Indian, and seeing an Indian grow.