The Oscars 2020 | Funniest part of the entire night: Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph | FOX

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  1. Imma Globo

    Imma Globo讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    They did a musical number? Where is it??

  2. Neil Thompson

    Neil Thompson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Staged, lame, annoying, bad!

  3. Rashi Srivastava

    Rashi Srivastava讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Well they were good but for me Olivia Colman was the funniest.

  4. Jerry Miller

    Jerry Miller讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬


  5. NQ

    NQ讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Not funny at all.

  6. Mr. Brown

    Mr. Brown讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    If Scorsese laughed, it's funny 馃槀

  7. Bimboboy Salsa

    Bimboboy Salsa讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬


  8. Anne Jimenez

    Anne Jimenez讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Kristen: We just know there are a lot of directors here tonight. Maya: We just wanted them to know we do more than comedy 馃槀

  9. O 285

    O 285讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    That was so good. I keep coming back to it to watch it.

  10. tonylondon10

    tonylondon10讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Absolutely hilarious! 馃ぃ馃槀

  11. DearMakeUpDiary

    DearMakeUpDiary讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬


  12. Smokey 銉

    Smokey 銉讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    It didn't. Now give me my money back since it's guaranteed

  13. Kate Flynn

    Kate Flynn讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    This is like Joey Tribbiani 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  14. Gale LaScala

    Gale LaScala讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    *groan* terrible bit

  15. mariem

    mariem讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    this was the shit - oh god... these two. The rest of the show was such a sleeper. BUT THEN there was Randy Newman!!!! omg that ridiculous song... ;)

  16. Waqar Baig

    Waqar Baig讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Bunch of pagans in a pagan ceremony being awarded with a pagan statue. But hows that any of my business *sips tea*

  17. Mic Maliss

    Mic Maliss讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    All it takes is a Kristen Wiig facial expression to crack me up.

  18. Chris Pacman

    Chris Pacman讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Love these two from that bridesmaid movie

  19. Rachel Brinkley

    Rachel Brinkley讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I can't wait to see Kirsten get fuzzy and spotted come June!

  20. Sherry Lala

    Sherry Lala讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I get it. Fan of them both. That wasn鈥檛 funny

  21. Mae Lily

    Mae Lily讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Nothing they do will ever make me laugh. I can鈥檛 stand either of them.

  22. RPALMS28

    RPALMS28讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    That outfit is very Zuul of her.

  23. Erin Hansen

    Erin Hansen讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Do people still watch these stupid award shows? My God just end it already.

  24. Rumi

    Rumi讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Kristen's dress looked like lasagna 馃槃

  25. Judith Be

    Judith Be讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Joey is that you?

  26. Norm Authier

    Norm Authier讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    This just proves that some of the best potential hosts for award shows are consistently overlooked, such as these two talented ladies. Look at how genuinely funny and entertaining they are!

  27. N. G007

    N. G007讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    ***Tammie Brown enters chat I鈥橫 ACTING!

  28. Lo Zu

    Lo Zu讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I always thought that comedians make really great dramatic actors (Robin Williams). I think it is because they have no fear of looking stupid.

  29. Frank Maddalone

    Frank Maddalone讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Wigg should've went straight into Gilly!

  30. C W

    C W讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I am very Into comedy but even more important o me is my children's health and safety. Last year I saw a show of Chelsea handler dinner party and maya rudolph was on. She was in her 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy and drinking alcohol openly on the show. She even made a joke about it. As a special needs mom who knows scientific facts this is just horrible mothering. Even trace amounts of alcohol damage a fetus. Not may...DOES. from major birth defects to mild learning problems and everything in between. If she was a teen mom and not an aged mom having a high risk pregnancy she probably would have had her baby taken, cps called but since she is rich and famous and old she can do whatever she wants to damage he innocent child and people will just laugh. Same clip on 16 and pregnant. ..CPS called no.more mommy duties. laughs. We need to stop making humor about bad parenting the science is in, it's not up for debate....if you cant go 9 months without drinking are a shtty parent and dont deserve them.that a side from those dresses have to be a joke.....omg.....horrible

  31. Scott Evich

    Scott Evich讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Unpopular opinion: I don鈥檛 find either of them remotely funny 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

  32. Diana Stvarnik

    Diana Stvarnik讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    If that was the funniest part... Then i don't know...

  33. Grzegorz Cichosz

    Grzegorz Cichosz讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Wanda and Shanda

  34. Good Sonic Wallpaper

    Good Sonic Wallpaper讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Amusing, but F**** what a boring event. Prestige marketing that's all it is.

  35. mrdabbleswithpotion

    mrdabbleswithpotion讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Also, as another point. I can't believe that SNL that's been making fun of a certain somebody since early 2010s, would forget that that certain somebody has been posting & insulting vancouver (remember when I kept saying hicks?). For a few years people were just bewildered. How can this kid be so confused & mixed up on things? I was a lone case, of course I was the one completely at fault. Then you guys t your chance when I suddenly just stayed out of the public light since 2014. Oh, you guys had a dandy time just saying what you want about me. Making me out to be this sacrificial lamb meant to take your nastiness & passive aggressiveness. I don't care, right? It's that at that time, I was deliberately kept myself away from what you people are saying. I knew it would be mean & derisive, I just didn't want to know exactly. So it's unfortunate that now I'm dealing with a MUCH bigger problem had I not only hid myself from the spotlight. It might be tiring to deal with all of you, but had I been willing & smarter then, I could've delivered mitigated he responses. Then you wouldn't be such eyesores, insisting you can do say/do anything to me & I'll happy for it. How big of a token do you take me for?

  36. mrdabbleswithpotion

    mrdabbleswithpotion讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Filipinos are always so happy, aren't they. I mean you basically can give them a hard time everyday & then talk to tem face to face, they'll give you the sweetest, kindest smile. Is anything going to piss them off? You might as well smack them at the face. But, really, that's just how they are, it's a culture of kindness. A branch that humanity could've taken. Filipinos, amongst themselves are the most docile creatures & always looking for ways to help each other & make everyone feel good... At least that's how it is from the point of view of Whites. To be oblivious to this preferential treatment Filipinos do not offer to Non-whites; to be oblivious that that Filipino worker so kind in her patience to you just do not get it that you're being mean to her ("ikaw lang ang nag-isip nyan!" is something they'll never tell themselves if you're not White); to oblivious how Filipinos drag each other down; to oblivious how these very agreeable people are not gentle in their ways when left by themselves (or try visiting the country); to how they' re not the most good to honest people, & never will cheat when the reason the US travel advisory is against going to the Philippines is because of the crimes & scams Americans might be subjected to. TODO: add more, as there is more. It all sounds unbelievable. Like I'll just say whatever just to justify myself. Then you listen to expatriates & people who've stayed while & they' might even be harsher than my words above.

  37. DL Jones

    DL Jones讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    That was funny.

  38. RAH

    RAH讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Absolute drek. The only thing that makes me lol is the notion that this drivel would make me lol.

  39. Billie Joe

    Billie Joe讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Bunch of feminists sexist

  40. Billie Joe

    Billie Joe讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    If you watch the Oscars kill yourself your the problem

  41. x d

    x d讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    The beeeeest 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  42. soniaustralie

    soniaustralie讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Finally someone who takes this opportunity to get their curriculum vitaes out.

  43. Cristina Cut

    Cristina Cut讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Maya Rudolph nails it! She's sooo funny!!!

  44. Steve Hudson

    Steve Hudson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    These two idiots just demonstrated why Hollywood directors don鈥檛 cast them for parts. UNTALENTED... and I still don鈥檛 even know what their joke was about. Watched it four times now. Women in comedy equal.... oil and water...馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮

  45. PurpleRose7777

    PurpleRose7777讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Says the loser whose only claim to fame is the ILgos comment section.

  46. Steve Hudson

    Steve Hudson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Kristen Wiig is a check-box comedian. If it wasn鈥檛 for forced liberal diversity, she wouldn鈥檛 be able to play a five-year-old鈥榮 birthday party. She鈥檚 as funny as advanced AIDS

  47. ItsJairo

    ItsJairo讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Can they make a bridesmaids part 2!!!

  48. Steve Hudson

    Steve Hudson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I鈥檝e watched it 3 times, I still don鈥檛 know what these stupid broad鈥檚 are joking about. Uugh....CRINGE

  49. PurpleRose7777

    PurpleRose7777讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    "CRINGE"? Are you a twelve year old girl? Wtf.

  50. Beverly Vinson

    Beverly Vinson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    See we're actin!!鉁岎煒夝煒夆湆馃挴馃挴

  51. G枚kalp T

    G枚kalp T讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Flawless comedy timing

  52. Southampton Guy

    Southampton Guy讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    So great

  53. Marisol Olmos

    Marisol Olmos讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Wtf is Kirsten wearing 馃槼

  54. mus terd

    mus terd讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Why did Fox Nederland take down Olivia Colman's presentation bit? It was the funniest part of the whole show!

  55. Cat Face Poetry

    Cat Face Poetry讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬


  56. BambiEyedBoy

    BambiEyedBoy讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I swear she whispered Taylor Swift

  57. Trina Loucks

    Trina Loucks讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Lasagna. Kristen Wiig is wearing lasagna.

  58. l脻kcirl

    l脻kcirl讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    "We just know there are directors here tonight" lolz 馃槀

  59. Donaji Munoz

    Donaji Munoz讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    So that was the audition that landed them to host 2021 Academy Awards!

  60. A Vikash

    A Vikash讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Why can't they just always host the Oscars every year please?

  61. Gam Er

    Gam Er讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Clickbait. Title says funny.

  62. Maria Bacio

    Maria Bacio讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I love them so much ! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  63. Hector Cepeda

    Hector Cepeda讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I'll bet Tarantino was primarily checking out their feet.

  64. MOULAY E

    MOULAY E讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Kristen Wiig should so have her own sitcom!

  65. Miko艂aj Solik

    Miko艂aj Solik讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    JOJO RABBIT was snubbed in this category.

  66. Dan uk

    Dan uk讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I'm T'eed Ooofff! ..I'm streamed." 馃槀馃槀

  67. Doctor Crusher

    Doctor Crusher讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    My goodness, if that was the funniest part of the whole show, then I鈥檓 glad I didn鈥檛 watch it. Oh my, it鈥檚 getting worse and worse every minute. 馃う鈥嶁檧锔

  68. Jordan Mapfumo

    Jordan Mapfumo讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    you were always gone when i was a kid馃槃馃槃

  69. Halliwellsson

    Halliwellsson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    The singing part?:O

  70. Glitch in the matrix 81

    Glitch in the matrix 81讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬


  71. PurpleRose7777

    PurpleRose7777讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    12 year old girl says what?

  72. Gary Dimaggio

    Gary Dimaggio讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    They aren't funny they're obnoxious

  73. Martin Allen

    Martin Allen讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Oh American comedy... 馃檮

  74. PurpleRose7777

    PurpleRose7777讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Get lost.

  75. Courtney

    Courtney讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    So funny how Maya Rudolph鈥檚 spouse is actually Paul Thomas Anderson. A very prestigious director which makes the whole bit even funnier 馃槀馃槀

  76. LOVE, Lyzza

    LOVE, Lyzza讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Maya should win Best Actress and Kristen Supporting Actress for this hahaha #RIPreplaybutton they're so funny! Made my day!

  77. LOVE, Lyzza

    LOVE, Lyzza讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    THESE PRESENTERS DIDN'T WASTE THEIR STAGE TIME...hope they get bookings after this haha Brilliant 'Acting' Queens!! Haha 馃挏

  78. Sevyn Tennyson

    Sevyn Tennyson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Kristen looks soo good

  79. Orlando Luis F. De Leon Jr.

    Orlando Luis F. De Leon Jr.讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I absolutely LOVE it when Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig work together!

  80. neha misra

    neha misra讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    They need to host the Oscars 2021

  81. patrick mcglone

    patrick mcglone讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    I'm still waiting for this to be funny!

  82. Diana Chan

    Diana Chan讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    Noticed how the korean names are being pronounced correctly instead of following the romanization? Love that small tiny bit of effort...


    DAVID DCD讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    How is this funny?...these people are really stupid!

  84. Indo with Bad english

    Indo with Bad english讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬

    They enlighten this award show