The Secret Ingredient in Kindergarten's Poison Nuggets! | The SCIENCE of... Kindergarten

With the release of Kindergarten 2, we had to take a look back on the game that started it all. There are lots of ways to go in Kindergarten - if you know what I mean. Crazy janitors, students with lasers, and so much more. Today, Austin is focusing on one particular means of elimination - Nugget's poison nuggets! We want to know the secret ingredient! Today we will analyze this meaty delicacy to figure out the dangerous recipe!
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  1. Max Paul

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    They are 2

  2. Sabine Delany

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    8:18 well, i mean, you can't have cancer if you're dead

  4. Nieru

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    One thing: cigarette packs contain 20 cigarettes, not 19. If the pack has 4 left, then there are 16 missing, not 15.

  5. -Nickhasleftthechat -

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    Austin reminds me of my sister when she sees a cute dog

  6. PotatoBall

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    Where MatPat? He way cooler Ps: why Nugget's voice sound like a girl at some part?

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    who's here only to hear Nugget? cuz I am

  9. Laur Exists

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    I love and also hate the fact that it is possible to commit suicide by overdosing on apricot seeds.

  10. Isadora Alvarez

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    welp im never going to go outside outside again

  11. Destiny Karst

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    Cigarette are scary. I can't believe people actively put that in there body.

  12. Dark Star

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    Did anyone else think that yo what if kindergarten was what actually happened in actual kindergarten. We where just so young we blocked out those memories. But then again I'm running on like 5 hours of sleep soooooo who knows.

  13. Ethan Gale

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    5:54 I need that dog

  14. Max Baldwin

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    I wile be nuggets friend

  15. Arturo Ayala

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    1:14 soo, Nugget's knows Spanish language?

  16. cier tempest

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    Austin 2019: teaching you how to poison children

  17. Laquisha Adams

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    I'm pretty sure the game never explicitly referred to the nuggets as chicken. Mystery nuggets. Soylent nuggets?

  18. MJ Sprinkles

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    who is nugget's voice here?

  19. T. Van der kooij

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    Austin, you litteraly just told over 10 millon people how to easily murder someone.

  20. Kag 1995

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    I wonder wat the game developers think of ur vid, I was like wow,

  21. Katie Ballowe

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    I thought the poison was a picture of your mom

  22. IM not PERFECT

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    Moral of the theory: Don't smoke kids, even if you're older than 20

  23. เอื้องฟ้า โสภา

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    Ahem. Maybe nugget gave you a different poison in your nugget. And he gave you a different poison in buggs nugget to give it to buggs

  24. Phoenix

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    Wait, do you can extract a deadly poison from condensating the evaporated nicotine from cigarettes dissolved in boiling water? How do I condensate a vapor again?

  25. •Cookie Bear•

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    Just gotta wait another 2 and a half years for Wednesday makes sense because in there world 2 and a half years = 1 day

  26. Rivo Rox

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    MAKE A THEORY of the principal is umbridge

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    oh my word dude you are a genius well done love your videos i get smarter every time

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  29. Nojachi _

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    Can someone pls tell me those songs in the background? I just wanna know. Played through Kindergarden and it was a lot of fun. Its one of the coolest games and it is quite underrated.

  30. Rowley Awesome Friendly Kid

    Rowley Awesome Friendly Kidחודש לפני

    How did NUGGET get poison

  31. O H O w O?

    O H O w O?חודש לפני

    Maybe he just used a extra spoiled nugget- *BOOM EASY THEORY*

  32. Digedik Gaming

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    My Home Is Store,And You Know What I Have In My Store,Packs And Packs O' Cigarettes.

  33. Grace Wheeler

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    GUYS. Nicotine is used as an insecticide. It kills bugs. BUGGS. They were clever with it

  34. The Weird Doggo

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    From this, i learned how to poison people.

  35. The Weird Doggo

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    Favour Ahamefula too bad

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    Now I want a chicken nugget

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    What's the name of the outro song?

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  41. polterpup108

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    do those nuggets have razor blades in them along with them being cold?

  42. Rowan Bice

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    15:34 dont tell me what to do

  43. Star Dust

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    detergent and milk. BUT THATS JUST A THEORY! A POISION THEORY.

  44. Phoenix Elliot

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  45. Pierce Scribner

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    a good friend of mine was hospitalized for a while because he spilled nicotine on his hand while making vape liquid

  46. Lovelyfoxbabe

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    I love the myles powers shoutout! I love his videos

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    I was thinking deadly nightshade

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    7:45 *oh o o o ho ho oh ho ho oh*

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    nugget made this poison after watching this video

  50. Xerpaderp

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    >Buggs >Average Weight I sense a flaw here.

  51. dog lord 8000

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  52. Jennifer Koester

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    You forget that we see what the nuggets are made of in game SPOILER Unless those monsters in the basement are made of benzo or charcoal it wouldn't be nicotine

  53. T. Van der kooij

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    Food cans in abandoned houses are indeed, GROSS

  54. d hararry

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    5:48 - 5:57 so cute!!!!!

  55. JoNatHan K

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    Don't freeget about Groundhog Day.

  56. xboxjunkie1931

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    nugget could just hang outside the towns local courthouse to collect cigarettes or even outside of a mall since those are ALWAYS full

  57. shelley Griego

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    Damn I missed Austin doing videos

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    What were the odds... I actually started my 1st day stopping cigarettes. Then somehow come across this. Thanks for the help!!

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    I was very excited for this episode of Nugget Theory.

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    Its poison

  62. Jakob Gustafson

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    One question though, if that’s all it takes to give someone nicotine poisoning, then how can people smoke one or even two packs of cigarettes a day? This isn’t me trying to poke a hole in the math. I’m sure there’s an explanation. It just confuses me a bit

  63. GryphonSong

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    Wait.... is that dandruff in your hair or just pixelation doing you over?