Tom Clancy's The Division 2: World Premiere Livestream | Post-show | Ubisoft [NA]

Agents! Tune-in on February 11th at 11.25AM PT / 2.25PM ET for the official post-show!


  1. Juliano Bondan

    Juliano Bondanחודש לפני

    Gear 2.0 completly broken. Sorry. R.I.P. D2.

  2. GoldenFerrari778

    GoldenFerrari778חודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3321">55:21</a>

  3. gamergirl 5317

    gamergirl 5317חודש לפני

    warlords of new york is 44.95 on playstation store in australia

  4. Cheez

    Cheezחודש לפני

    I would love to know if for a new player that just went 30 is it a good idea to get the expansion when launches or should I wait till I have cleared the missions etc on DC first?

  5. Cheez

    Cheezחודש לפני

    @GoldenFerrari778 yeah that's what I was thinking! I will get it! 💪

  6. GoldenFerrari778

    GoldenFerrari778חודש לפני

    Cheez just get it now

  7. enrique sousa

    enrique sousaחודש לפני


  8. enrique sousa

    enrique sousaחודש לפני

    30€ para seguir jugando vaya estafa hermano

  9. Mr Object

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  10. Raffael Pehla

    Raffael Pehlaחודש לפני

    what is he saying at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>:46 what still exists? subtitles say "velocity"? what is meant?

  11. Mark Krejič

    Mark Krejičחודש לפני

    this gonna be awesome i really hope work normally without any glitches

  12. Gabriel Baker

    Gabriel Bakerחודש לפני

    I can't wait to sticky bomb people extracting

  13. xX WASS Xx

    xX WASS Xxחודש לפני

    Ok the whole League thing sounds awesome! ...and the polarity thing is cool too

  14. BurtLikesGaming

    BurtLikesGamingחודש לפני

    Yes please.. All looks great!

  15. Irishgamer01

    Irishgamer01חודש לפני

    Women working on game. Explains a lot.

  16. LotusOverdose

    LotusOverdoseחודש לפני

    Amazing!!! Jullian should also have been there, missed him.

  17. Ivaylo Petrov

    Ivaylo Petrovחודש לפני

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a>:00 we can observe a bunch of true gentlemen in the wild. A lady is standing up but the three amigos are sitting at the table like kings. Bravo 👏👏👏

  18. Matthew Haentschke

    Matthew Haentschkeחודש לפני

    Lol. It obviously has nothing to do with the mic setup. Just simple women hating - you right.

  19. Ivaylo Petrov

    Ivaylo Petrovחודש לפני

    @Shannon Hill you see an old person on the train, you offer your seat. You see a woman standing, you offer your seat. It's called being a gentleman, nothing to do with deserving, equality, weakness or whatever. Just manners.

  20. Shannon Hill

    Shannon Hillחודש לפני

    why does she deserve it over the guys? Are you trying to say she's weaker and needs to sit more?

  21. Ivaylo Petrov

    Ivaylo Petrovחודש לפני

    @Chris Clocher it has nothing to do with equality, just the most basic good manners. 😏

  22. Chris Clocher

    Chris Clocherחודש לפני

    Women's rights! Women are equal to men now.

  23. Harish Sridharan

    Harish Sridharanחודש לפני

    I almost had to pay half the cost i paid for the game to buy the expansion ? Will i get access to all year 2 content with it ?

  24. Matthew Haentschke

    Matthew Haentschkeחודש לפני

    Same schema as year 1.

  25. Jean Degray

    Jean Degrayחודש לפני

    Never expect it , im hype now... if its real , good job woww !

  26. A.I. Privilege

    A.I. Privilegeחודש לפני

    Uh.. this still looks like it's in beta. How long do you need? Let me know when your done trying things out.

  27. Gabriel Baker

    Gabriel Bakerחודש לפני

    It literally doesn't? At all?

  28. Dennis Hansen

    Dennis Hansenחודש לפני

    Anyone know at what time the 3rd, that this goes live?

  29. Christopher Larkins

    Christopher Larkinsחודש לפני

    After maintenance ends.

  30. Dan Charlton

    Dan Charltonחודש לפני

    This is so damn good, thank you guys. This community does not deserve this.

  31. Dan Charlton

    Dan Charltonחודש לפני

    Chris Clocher I bought the ultimate edition and got well over 1200 hours played. Worth every cent to me, the company doesn’t owe me a dime. Its not their fault you have an over inflated sense of entitlement and can’t enjoy anything.

  32. Swordeaser

    Swordeaserחודש לפני

    @Chris Clocher How has the game died? There are still a great number of active players. And practically every single game you've played has an expansion and updates, otherwise itll be stale and just boring. When it comes to money, how are you going to waste time on something costing $10, theres enough content to be considered a $60 game for all I care. Every single game studio wants one thing = $$$, atleast massive put some fucking effort in it and are excited about what they are doing. If you dont like the division 2 then don't talk about it. I mean I'm not saying anything about your "oH dIvIsIoN 1 iS lIkE 10 tImEs sUpeRIoR" ego.

  33. Chris Clocher

    Chris Clocherחודש לפני

    What!? Deserve what? To pay $30 to Get any sort of joy out of a game that died in about 4 weeks? You're right, we're don't deserve this. It should cost $10 as a "We're sorry" gift.

  34. David Hohn

    David Hohnחודש לפני

    It's nice to see this level of excitement from you guys again!

  35. G BLUE

    G BLUEחודש לפני

    I can’t wait

  36. The 4th and 9 Draw

    The 4th and 9 Drawחודש לפני

    Hamish is such a stooge. Dont know how hes a leader of anything

  37. Adreanna Moore

    Adreanna Mooreחודש לפני

    Why would I purchase the expansion if D.C. is broken? Wouldn't Warlords be an exact reflection of that brokeness? We need more reassurance from the devs on bugs & glitches etc.. Are they fixing D.C.? Or leaving it the same?


    MEMATRONחודש לפני

    @Gabriel Baker I'm on PC. The game has serious technical problems. I wish that your disbelief in the bugs this game has could make them go away. I'm not calling you a mutant but I don't think you have the power to wish these, "undocumented features," away. You also are a n00b, so only time spent playing will reveal the deficiencies.

  39. Gabriel Baker

    Gabriel Bakerחודש לפני

    @MEMATRON what platform are you on? I'm not calling you a liar but I've legitimately NEVER had any of those issues


    MEMATRONחודש לפני

    @Gabriel Baker I have over 2000 hours in the game. Adreanna Moore is right about the problems. There's a lot more. My ammo gets cut to 450 everytime I join a team, start a mission, and log into the game. I get a delta everytime I log into the game. Once I log in it says, "clan services unavailable" That means that I cannot access the social menu, which makes it impossible to matchmake or see my friends. Every single mission; EVERY MISSION and bounty is bugged with an npc that either gets stuck inside a wall or vanishes, causing us to restart the mission or having to use the corrosive chem launcher to kill the npc inside the wall. Sound bugs that cause a sound effect to loop infinitely even after leaving the area were it started. The part that really sucks about all of this is that ALL OF IT was happening in the first game. I really do like the game but it have some literal GAME BREAKING problems.

  41. Adreanna Moore

    Adreanna Mooreחודש לפני

    And now the Chameleon exotic is confirmed broken, said by the Devs on Twitter. They can't get anything right now fix anything anymore

  42. Adreanna Moore

    Adreanna Mooreחודש לפני

    @Gabriel Baker those are rookie numbers. Sound glitches, shots not registering, seekers not working, hives not working, falling through the ground to an endless sky graphics, Boomer getting stuck in gameplay, razorback chungas not jumping down from semi trailers, raid activity logs still not working, Delta 3's in the DZ constantly, razorback missle launcher alarms not shutting off, yes also invisible walls constantly like you said which still hasn't been fixed from 2 patches ago, recalibration errors not properly being transfered over to newly fresh gear pieces, matchmaking errors that kick players out of groups for no reason etc. All of the OG Division players & ILgosrs know this already. There's countless testimonies besides mine. Why take what I said personal like you're a Division Developer? It's the game man, not me. Call me a stupid woman 🤣 Clearly you're a argumentive child butt hurt over a simple difference in opinion. Again, all OG Division players already know what I said is true. Now they want to attempt to sell an expansion? I guarantee you that'll be broken as well. Good luck mate

  43. Jeffery Muffins bob marley

    Jeffery Muffins bob marleyחודש לפני

    i watched the whole thing. great stream guys, can't wait to play around with the flame thrower tomorrow!


    SSSIRCCCחודש לפני

    Yannick's voice changed lol...

  45. CrYT Trooper

    CrYT Trooperחודש לפני

    Ubisoft please change the Riker guard design back to what it was in division 1

  46. Leman Russ

    Leman Russחודש לפני

    Game is dead. Dont bother. Will be a waste of money. They cant even be bothered to sort out the mess they made in first place. What makes u think this will be any better



    Did you even watch the livestream? Don't get me wrong, I stopped playing this game 6months ago. They know they f'd up on division 2 despite them not saying it but all their actions have been proof that their trying to make the game good. Give it a shot at 3rd march and see if its the same or better

  48. ThrawnCCB

    ThrawnCCBחודש לפני

    Who cares?

  49. Tiger balboa

    Tiger balboaחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> start of it

  50. AceMcClane

    AceMcClaneחודש לפני

    Hopefully get to see more female Enemy characters :)

  51. Chris Clocher

    Chris Clocherחודש לפני

    Will there be a 500+ DZ, or are you forced to spend $30 just to have a chance?

  52. quizkill

    quizkillחודש לפני

    Gear can drop at 515 for all players, not just the ones who paid for the expansion. They said it in the video.

  53. Chris Clocher

    Chris Clocherחודש לפני

    @Matthew Haentschke Did they say it? I assume it will be a separate bracket, but that would be a sneaky way to drive sales if it wasn't.

  54. Matthew Haentschke

    Matthew Haentschkeחודש לפני

    Of course it will be bracketed.

  55. Dave Reyes

    Dave Reyesחודש לפני

    I love the Devs. They connect and feel the World of the Division. Thanks Guys you made my favorite IP and gave me a chance to escape into a world where i help people and be Tacticool.

  56. D Jacob

    D Jacobחודש לפני

    Man I got season 1 pass and its trash, you owe us who purchased it something more.

  57. Frederick Hill jr.

    Frederick Hill jr.חודש לפני

    They got us good. Never gave a clue to an expansion dlc. Good job team. It better be good. I didn't hold on to this game and send $180 on it to get nothing. Looking for to this.

  58. Spotify Beasts

    Spotify Beastsחודש לפני

    Now this is my definition of bringing the Thunder!!!! GREAT JOB Fellas, keep up the good work.

  59. Sandy Nicholls

    Sandy Nichollsחודש לפני

    In UK the Ubisoft site says you can pre order warlords now but it only gives the pc version....... what gives?

  60. chris pytko

    chris pytkoחודש לפני

    Sandy Nicholls master race is always first bro.

  61. Bizgu Razvan-Petrut

    Bizgu Razvan-Petrutחודש לפני

    Wait. Ubisoft, is it just me or Andrada is Romanian ?

  62. Darkangel034

    Darkangel034חודש לפני

    Dont like that we have to drop 30 on the expansion and then for a pass...kinda grubby...

  63. Darkangel034

    Darkangel034חודש לפני

    @quizkill that's fair. We will have to see the cost of it.

  64. quizkill

    quizkillחודש לפני

    Darkangel034 think about it this way though. Destiny expansion costs $40 which included season pass. Division 2 expansion costs $30, so add season pass on top of that, you’re probably looking at $40. Destiny 2 didn’t offer a free track and the season pass is basically required since the artifact is tied to the season pass. Also look at the amount of content offered in division 2 expansion. Destiny 2 also locked an exotic weapon behind the season pass for the duration of the season.

  65. Darkangel034

    Darkangel034חודש לפני

    @Matthew Haentschke idk why you feel need comment when you have nothing to add 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. But thanks I guess

  66. Matthew Haentschke

    Matthew Haentschkeחודש לפני

    Then don't. The base game is still great.

  67. Darkangel034

    Darkangel034חודש לפני

    @TS either way you spin it...they are making you pay extra for items that are locked behind the pass, eventhough you just bought the expansion. This is wrong in my opinion. Period.

  68. Petrut Joga

    Petrut Jogaחודש לפני


  69. andrew moore

    andrew mooreחודש לפני

    That chick is hot

  70. andrew moore

    andrew mooreחודש לפני

    @Jan Swanepoel The woman on the left, you fruit loop

  71. Adreanna Moore

    Adreanna Mooreחודש לפני

    @Jan Swanepoel 🤣🤣

  72. AceMcClane

    AceMcClaneחודש לפני

    I know right.

  73. Jan Swanepoel

    Jan Swanepoelחודש לפני

    andrew moore the one on the left or right?

  74. Luke Stephens

    Luke Stephensחודש לפני

    Well done guys! It’s what we’ve been wanting

  75. Saintsfanalways

    Saintsfanalwaysחודש לפני

    Exotic Caches for Legendary missions? Wold be nice to bring those back!

  76. Anime Insane

    Anime Insaneחודש לפני

    Damn...heroic at will 24/7!!!!! F uck YES!!!! hahaha. And even legendary!! Haha I'm going to become a god at this beating it at will I CANNOT WAIT xD

  77. Clan Spartans

    Clan Spartansחודש לפני

    They said what will happen with the turrets in the dark zones???

  78. ThrawnCCB

    ThrawnCCBחודש לפני

    Clan Spartans imagine that? The devs design a system to keep people from killing people right out of the spawn. Then a spawn killer complains, truly a shocker.

  79. Adreanna Moore

    Adreanna Mooreחודש לפני

    We all know about those corny check-point campers. So the longer y'all check-point camp, the longer the turrets will stay (even just outside check-points camping as well). If anybody wants to spawn kill, go play COD

  80. Clan Spartans

    Clan Spartansחודש לפני

    W4TCH3R433 I dont camp checkpoint! But when i kill the players, the players STAY in the checkpoint with the nemesis!

  81. Clan Spartans

    Clan Spartansחודש לפני

    quizkill i dont camp checkpoint, i kill one player and the player STAY in the checkpoint with the nemesis!!!

  82. W4TCH3R433

    W4TCH3R433חודש לפני

    @Clan Spartans well don't checkpoint camp

  83. Phil osophy

    Phil osophyחודש לפני

    This is awesome

  84. mellbero

    mellberoחודש לפני

    Love it