Tom Clancy's The Division 2: World Premiere Livestream | Ubisoft [NA]

Agents! Tune-in on February 11th at 11AM PT / 2PM ET for a special The Division 2 report. You can catch the post-show here:


  1. The Jackal

    The Jackal18 ימים לפני

    So what happened to the hunters? Ive not seen one in manhattan.

  2. Juliano Bondan

    Juliano Bondanחודש לפני

    Gear 2.0 completly broken. Sorry. R.I.P. D2.

  3. Spikelet

    Spikeletחודש לפני

    I can't wait, guys. Thanks Ubisoft and Massive for supporting the game that much!!!

  4. Al Camacho

    Al Camachoחודש לפני

    Year 1 DLC was BS

  5. Alexander Martinez

    Alexander Martinezחודש לפני

    I have a problem on division2 the system im playing it on is ps4 my character skin glitchs through my outfits like my midnight outfit i was wondering if yall could fix the glitchs please that'll be great if yall could and what ever that new update did is messing up my character clothing and my weapons dont appear on my characters hand pllz fix it im begging you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔😫😫

  6. Jin Adozuki

    Jin Adozukiחודש לפני

    plz fiz game bugs... Seeker mine can kill you in division 2 unlike in division 1. sometimes it will just randomly explode for no reason and kill you as well. all of the Clusters don't hit multiple enemies in division 2 on like in division 1. EX: in division 1 if you throughout the cluster Seeker mines more than one cluster would hit multiple enemies. And in Division 2 multiple clusters don't hit enemies it just randomly goes off into a wall because only 1 seeker tracks 1 enemie or it'll track you and kill you along with the enemies of their is not enough enemies in the room. the Seeker mine seems a lot more smarter in the first game than they are in division 2 Your Shield is not fireproof or explosive proof like in division 1. The Shield doesn't give you status effects when it is equipped in division 2 unlike in division 1. If you revive an agent with your Shield out the bullets go completely through your shield and hit you instead of the shield in Division 2 unlike in Division 1. Enemy weak points can instant kill you if they explode near you even if you have your Shield out. The Shield's hitbox feels way smaller in division 2 than it was in division 1.

  7. Game Ademption

    Game Ademptionחודש לפני

    Wait so do YEAR 1 pass holders get the warlords of new York for free or do they have to pay

  8. Jonathan Allen

    Jonathan Allenחודש לפני

    Pay year one ends when this dlc comes out but we are in year 2 now

  9. Dank Ußer

    Dank Ußerחודש לפני

    We have to pay

  10. Dank Ußer

    Dank Ußerחודש לפני


  11. Deceiver

    Deceiverחודש לפני

    I came back to the game after October...I have paid for the pass back then (even though i didnt had to) and believe it or not it was the only pass i bought the whole year..But this time im going to wait before paying half the price of an AAA title..If it doesnt work out and its just a money grab then im never going to touch this game again. I may be even better buying the 1st one,as i have heard great comments, and hope that the playerbase jumps from the 2nd to the 1st one.( I also hear its already happening)

  12. xRocket Bunni

    xRocket Bunniחודש לפני

    This could be the starting potential to some really good possibilities for the division 2 from dying I'm looking forward to playing and experiencing this has my hyped bad🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Xhenoxic

    Xhenoxicחודש לפני

    wait so the cleaners and rikers are back but what about the last man battalion?

  14. Jorge Ortiz

    Jorge Ortizחודש לפני

    I remember paying $60 for this beta. Is it still in beta?

  15. Lukez Like

    Lukez Likeחודש לפני

    Soon Keener will see from what second wave is made of.


    FUSZIONחודש לפני


  17. Patrick Pioquinto

    Patrick Pioquintoחודש לפני

    After a good break I’m ready to jump back and. This looks awesome! This has always been my fav loot shooter. Played about three hours last night and the hype of real for me now. Good stuff Ubisoft

  18. H0 PE

    H0 PEחודש לפני

    Ahh just reallized the company name is: Ubisoft [NA] = Ubisoft [NotAvailable]? :D

  19. H0 PE

    H0 PEחודש לפני

    When do you fix Division 2 Faces? They look fking awful man! Compared to even Division 1! I really don't understand what happened there, these faces look so bad!

  20. H0 PE

    H0 PEחודש לפני

    Most importatnly: Why does this whole video looks and feels like 30fps? The game engine is getting slower and slower. Div1 was at the end quiet okay, relative fast, but div2 just getting slower and slowr. DLC means -30fps from the already on the corner of playable 60fps?

  21. Team T2E

    Team T2Eחודש לפני

    episode 3 (coney island) free, Warlords of Ny (not free)... i'll pass. They botch div 2 and to make up for it they wanna sell us the rest of the game. Fat Nope...

  22. Drew Carry

    Drew Carryחודש לפני

    @Team T2E Word. Though you know how many times people have said what you said about the DLC stuff? I mean I get it's your feelings on the situation or your opinion, but I think the game was complete without this DLC but the game ended up being blah for a long time after playing it every day for hours, I'll probably go back for a bit to check out this because I enjoyed NY in the first game, and I'm from NY

  23. Team T2E

    Team T2Eחודש לפני

    @Drew Carry it's not about being cheap. I already have the over $100 version of the game (At launch). The game was regretfully not worth that much in the end for what they admitted they didn't deliver on.

  24. Drew Carry

    Drew Carryחודש לפני

    Don't be cheap, every time a game company adds a new DLC that increases game size some one always whines that it should of been a part of the game. LOL please

  25. H0 PE

    H0 PEחודש לפני

    So Aaron Keener going back to NY... the Devastated, Destructed, Barely standing NY. After managed to put his feet into Washington, The Capitol and probably abel to move to other big cities, have influence in other areas... But no he goes back to NY... This guy is stupid af. Another idiot vilan, great job Massinve, even though he is pictured as a very smart, psychopath who got barely any boundaries except his own self godliness. :S And they say they redone new areas <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:1</a>, so we don't get a nostalgy feeling from Div 1 but a new NY feel, without snow and all... To me it doesn't fking make sense LOL.

  26. Tormalik

    Tormalikחודש לפני

    Vivien: the Ultimate Karen.

  27. Michael Guynes

    Michael Guynesחודש לפני

    Agents went rogue after hitting 6 invisible walls in 5 minutes

  28. vagaboN51

    vagaboN51חודש לפני

    how do the hunters play into it? are they still moping up for the government? maybe directed to go dark, stay embedded until you get the all clear. they never got the all-clear. im intrigued.

  29. Evan Shores

    Evan Shoresחודש לפני

    vagaboN51 hunters were always in NY the hunt agents for their gear the problem is we know NOTHING about them as what I know

  30. Fabian Kleyn

    Fabian Kleynחודש לפני

    Крутотень 👍

  31. kama kaze 2

    kama kaze 2חודש לפני

    Improvements sound an look good

  32. kama kaze 2

    kama kaze 2חודש לפני

    Yes looks good new York again man

  33. Сергей Искусных

    Сергей Искусныхחודש לפני

    Where Survival mode?!!!!PLs!!! Awesome ost!!!

  34. Qui'mil Royriggs

    Qui'mil Royriggsחודש לפני

    Сергей Искусных faaaaaaaaaacts. I’d love to see that and Last Stand return

  35. BreakLegosaurus

    BreakLegosaurusחודש לפני

    Hopefully they don't go the route they did in the first game where the paid DLC can't have good gear in it because the community was bitching about it... *LOUD COUGHING* SURVIVAL

  36. Seby Cora

    Seby Coraחודש לפני

    Looks good but if it doesn't have some game modes it won't keep people playing for long.

  37. Wang Callen

    Wang Callenחודש לפני

    trailer <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> trailer, summer manhattan <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="485">8:05</a> gameplay <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1095">18:15</a>

  38. Jaden _X1

    Jaden _X1חודש לפני

    I have never been this excited for the division 2 Warlords of New York since division 2 itself came out. Ubisoft has done an awesome job with this. I just wish people who kind of leaked it ahead of time. Would keep their mouth shut But then again, I guess this is their way of saying there that excited for this to come out as well. So I'll let it slide. For now

  39. xlxcrossing

    xlxcrossingחודש לפני

    So Episode 3 was just a segway to a sales pitch for their 1st paid DLC...why I couldn't see this coming a mile away is beyond me.

  40. Evan Shores

    Evan Shoresחודש לפני

    xlxcrossing they said SEASON 1 CONTENT IS STORY FOCUSED it makes sense they will give us a taste before throwing us full force into it

  41. Chaoxytal

    Chaoxytalחודש לפני

    NYC ain’t NYC without the ❄️ and 🎄

  42. Qui'mil Royriggs

    Qui'mil Royriggsחודש לפני

    Chaoxytal thumbs down 👎🏾

  43. xXSir.CrazeXx

    xXSir.CrazeXxחודש לפני

    Love having been tricked into watching a half hour ad for a payed expansion...

  44. Sinister Gaming

    Sinister Gamingחודש לפני

    Guess it time to grab some popcorn and see what lies they can spin about a dead game they COMPLETELY ruined trying to cater to casuals...

  45. Sinister Gaming

    Sinister Gamingחודש לפני

    @HotFuzz causal

  46. HotFuzz

    HotFuzzחודש לפני

    So salty

  47. Sinister Gaming

    Sinister Gamingחודש לפני

    @Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Cat what are you their protection against unhappy consumers?

  48. Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Cat

    Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Catחודש לפני

    What are you , a pro gamer LOL 🍆

  49. Marcus Santiago

    Marcus Santiagoחודש לפני

    It will be cool if we get a dog

  50. A.I. Privilege

    A.I. Privilegeחודש לפני

    Sorry not sorry but you guys suck.We still want PVE DZ.

  51. LewdGeek

    LewdGeekחודש לפני

    yup I got scammed by Bungie and Destiny 1 and 2, I will not get into this SAME scam again...

  52. LewdGeek

    LewdGeekחודש לפני

    They really have to fire or change the Director of Division...

  53. Jason Bouchard

    Jason Bouchardחודש לפני

    Yup this is a copy paste of destiny 2...

  54. iRambL

    iRambLחודש לפני

    Pretty glad you guys arent putting as much emphasis on the Dark Zones. I get there is a revamp and all but id rather play in the open world than a small chunk of a zone pvp/pve style.

  55. iRambL

    iRambLחודש לפני

    HotFuzz not really. I had a friend main the dark zone all thru year 1 Div 2 and he said the gear I got from the dungeons in the pve world were subjectively better and with less stress.

  56. HotFuzz

    HotFuzzחודש לפני

    They did thought? Best gear is going to be in the dark zone. Like Division 1.

  57. Jason Bouchard

    Jason Bouchardחודש לפני

    Fans in consideration?? WTF every fans you was having are gone and have stop playing, I am a.. sorry I was a fan but after seeing that all the clothing from Division 1 is gone and the Clothing in Division 2 is really just a joke and really ugly this make me sad to see a huge downgrade like that, and Dark Zone... dont make me start on that... The bracket are too huge to place people of the same level as you and there is only cheaters in there that can kill a whole 4 players squad without even sweating... Your game is fucked and there is no way you can fix it AND you make us pay for something that should have been in the game in the first place, you was able to take Division 1 and put it inside Division 2 since the start so... AND again you are fucking new players by giving them everything from the start and making all the work you did useless.. like Destiny 2 did and if you take example on Destiny 2 you shouldn't cuz this is a really bad game. I bought the Ultimate Edition and I have to pay for a new "Expansion"... I'll just stay on Breakpoints cuz at least this game is pretty good and have a nice gear system where you don't need to grind forever, and there is no Hackers online with broken gear that make them invincible... EVERYBODY in PvP should have no advantage over others and anybody should be able to kill anybody with any guns, THIS IS FUCKING ridiculous to see people wiping A WHOLE DZ on is own Seriously HOW MANY TIME did that happen to me where a Single player was facing me and my squad and another squad at the same time and we never manage to kill him ONCE..... RI.DI.CU.LOUS... 8vs1 and the guy is winning XD this is how bad you game is... SO the only fans you have now are the cheaters and people that only use broken gear, THE ONLY people still playing your game are the toxic one... Because this is what you do you are pushing away people that just wanna have fun and not cheating or grinding for ever to have the fucking perfect build... And you put people in charge of your discord that ban people for no freaking reason because they're doing a power trip because he is in charge of a Ubisoft Server... and again pushing people away that have been there since the start, Now that I am ban and can't build or join a Clan or find people to play this game is just a HUGE waste of cash... and your not even gonna read this comment because you only care about the toxic people comments or your "fans"... I WAS A FAN this is the people you have to bring back not the freaking toxic ones. Anyway you put toxic people in charge of your discord so what do I expect...

  58. Kiloh Jonson

    Kiloh Jonsonחודש לפני

    Finally, we can pet the dog.

  59. Rick Francis

    Rick Francisחודש לפני

    I'm soured over having to pay for a season pass. Destiny bullshit all over again.

  60. Israel Wilson

    Israel Wilsonחודש לפני

    Happy to dive in to this but at the same time it's absolutely pathetic that after paying $100 for the season pass this is not included complete bullshit played a blue screen beta for 6 months explains why there has been a total of 5 hours of added content in a year .

  61. Luis

    Luisחודש לפני


  62. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmesחודש לפני

    Yes it is new content. But it's a game too late. This SHOULD HAVE BEEN free dlc to the first game. I've tried to play division 2. But grinding 4 different times to put an assualt build or rifle build together just to have the so called dev's change how the gear works. Just isn't fun anymore. I think we are done here.


    FIREWERTYHNחודש לפני

    when Coney-island will avialable??

  64. Daz Hobo

    Daz Hoboחודש לפני

    Do you think we will get the New York dark zone from The Division 1?

  65. Justin Laluga

    Justin Lalugaחודש לפני

    We can Only hope. but prob not

  66. Coolmusicplaylist

    Coolmusicplaylistחודש לפני

    Love how they just played possible the entire soundtrack to the game

  67. Dakotah Hutchinson

    Dakotah Hutchinsonחודש לפני

    Agents went rogue after some agents blocked the door and they couldn't get in

  68. Irvin Nora

    Irvin Noraחודש לפני

    Bro division players are never satisfied, just enjoy the new content and be thankful

  69. JustAguyzOpinion

    JustAguyzOpinionחודש לפני

    Bravo Ubisoft!

  70. Anime Insane

    Anime Insaneחודש לפני

    Will heroic be available for these missions upon ep3 release?

  71. Anime Insane

    Anime Insaneחודש לפני

    @Evan Shores yeah I'm torally fully aware! AND global difficulty can be set to will be a totally swell time indeed.

  72. Evan Shores

    Evan Shoresחודש לפני

    Anime Insane we are get a legendary difficulty basically harder

  73. Anime Insane

    Anime Insaneחודש לפני

    @Qui'mil Royriggs lol u answered this just as I got off covering both missions. Yeah I see...but hopefully heroic comes soon by like next week. I'll run challenging and win until then!

  74. Qui'mil Royriggs

    Qui'mil Royriggsחודש לפני

    Anime Insane nope. So far all i see is challenging after the story mode.

  75. Anime Insane

    Anime Insaneחודש לפני

    @Qui'mil Royriggs seriously dude I'm about to jump in and I hope these new missions and stuff have heroic least whenever invaded. Since all I play and destroy is heroic

  76. Jonnyk511

    Jonnyk511חודש לפני

    Finally! You can pet the dogs. I’m sold how do I preorder

  77. José Velez

    José Velezחודש לפני

    @gmajorsus21 yeah i found out that we do cuz its not a dlc its a big expansion

  78. gmajorsus21

    gmajorsus21חודש לפני

    José Velez That’s what I was wondering. I bought the gold edition when it came out so I’m wondering if I’m a have to pay for this.

  79. José Velez

    José Velezחודש לפני

    Arent all the Mayor DLC free

  80. Blackwoodz

    Blackwoodzחודש לפני

    Holy Buns in my Pants.............This was 🔥➡🙃

  81. Reis bällchen

    Reis bällchenחודש לפני

    Still missing the Dark Zone of div1 😭😭

  82. Coolmusicplaylist

    Coolmusicplaylistחודש לפני

    Yeh because a hurrican showed up and yeeted it out

  83. Smooth operator

    Smooth operatorחודש לפני

    Cover and shoot cover and shoot cover and shoot. Think outside the box a bit ubi.

  84. Smooth operator

    Smooth operatorחודש לפני

    @michael ballard i apologize for calling for some inovation. God forbid that happens. Even though ubi just came out and admitted their games are all the same and they are delaying them thanks to people like me speaking up. but hey who wants that lets all play the same stuff over and over right?

  85. Smooth operator

    Smooth operatorחודש לפני

    @HotFuzz im not

  86. HotFuzz

    HotFuzzחודש לפני

    Don't play it then. :)

  87. michael ballard

    michael ballardחודש לפני

    Play something else then.....

  88. Justin Laluga

    Justin Lalugaחודש לפני

    That is the category of the game. Its called a cover based shooter

  89. Savage Diana

    Savage Dianaחודש לפני

    They deadass turned this to ghost recon

  90. Ryan Wang

    Ryan Wangחודש לפני

    *Cries in nostalgia* the good old days man the good old days

  91. spyboy71

    spyboy71חודש לפני

    Is rainbow ever going to be crossplay?

  92. Eraycer

    Eraycerחודש לפני

    So we are playing wildlands now where we have to take out bosses to get to the last boss? 8 months later and its city hasn't been rebuilt yet? And you are expecting your loyal players to pay more money for new content? So I guess we now have The Division 3 and just skipped over the one they call 2.

  93. Justin Laluga

    Justin Lalugaחודש לפני

    Take my money massive

  94. Coolmusicplaylist

    Coolmusicplaylistחודש לפני


  95. Razer

    Razerחודש לפני

    Not going to lie, this looks great.. Finally going against aaron keener and that faye lau back but without all the bandage, seeing cleaners and rikers back.. And seeing some division 1 stuff back.. Let's hope that this is not going to be one of those 'Looks to good for what it is' things.. But apart from that, i'm defnitley can't wait till it's out.. Finally something that makes me want to play again, thanks massive.

  96. zachie 504

    zachie 504חודש לפני

    Wait. A new opperator?

  97. Evan Shores

    Evan Shoresחודש לפני

    Qui'mil Royriggs I think he means operator and he might be confused what game this is

  98. Qui'mil Royriggs

    Qui'mil Royriggsחודש לפני

    zachie 504 wait, what’s an “opperator”

  99. Nomad 48134

    Nomad 48134חודש לפני

    Yes!!!!! Finally we get to go after Keener!!!

  100. Jaden _X1

    Jaden _X1חודש לפני

    About DAG-GONE TIME!

  101. Coolmusicplaylist

    Coolmusicplaylistחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2035">33:55</a>

  102. Glen Paul

    Glen Paulחודש לפני

    gladly i quitted last year. why would i have to pay again? just to play this again?

  103. Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Cat

    Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Catחודש לפני

    You either 1) dont understand business , or 2) is broke and don't understand business. Leaning toward #2

  104. Chris Stojanovski

    Chris Stojanovskiחודש לפני

    You pay for the content.

  105. fakindomin

    fakindominחודש לפני

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a>:02 Why the same atributes are not in the same line? It would be easier to compare

  106. Qiren Moses

    Qiren Mosesחודש לפני

    Actually vid starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a>:38

  107. OpusX

    OpusXחודש לפני

    Qiren Moses 😂 if people fell for it

  108. Matt Swayze

    Matt Swayzeחודש לפני

    Thank you

  109. ElectricDreams Channel

    ElectricDreams Channelחודש לפני

    Ehh...not really enticing for me sadly

  110. XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    XimerTracks - Sub To Meחודש לפני

    Ubisoft North America

  111. Mad Maxim

    Mad Maximחודש לפני

    1 hour of nothing... jesus christ

  112. Giuliano Gonzalez

    Giuliano Gonzalezחודש לפני

    This was my one hope for snow to come back and you failed me

  113. Richard Camellion

    Richard Camellionחודש לפני

    Play Division 1, problem solved.

  114. Coolmusicplaylist

    Coolmusicplaylistחודש לפני

    Yeh because its summer

  115. Beorhthere

    Beorhthereחודש לפני

    Paid DLC when there was supposed to be no paid DLC's?!?! Good one

  116. ThatJammed Guy

    ThatJammed Guyחודש לפני

    It's not a paid dlc, is a season pass to unlock things faster

  117. Kristen Mcinnes

    Kristen Mcinnesחודש לפני

    The Dark Zones in DC suck and nothing will fix it

  118. Justin Laluga

    Justin Lalugaחודש לפני

    They need to increase player count per dz from three teams to at least 4. And increase the size a little but would be nice too

  119. Uouttooo

    Uouttoooחודש לפני

    So we have to buy Division 2 again? All versions of Warlords include Division 2? WTF?

  120. HotFuzz

    HotFuzzחודש לפני

    WHat? xD $30 Expansion

  121. Tony Kidman

    Tony Kidmanחודש לפני

    No there is a base expansion and then Game and Expansion as well as Game, Expansion and Year 1 to allow you to unlock all specials straight away.

  122. Sergio P

    Sergio Pחודש לפני

    I think they're gonna put the sole Warlord exp soon. Same as exps in Destiny.

  123. flm JIG

    flm JIGחודש לפני

    We rarely get hurricanes. On top of that a hurricane to do that much damage would not destroy NYC only. It would destroy the tri state area. lol

  124. HotFuzz

    HotFuzzחודש לפני

    @Chivo Gaming And you think people are smart but there are dumb asses like yourself to disappoint others...

  125. andrew moore

    andrew mooreחודש לפני

    Geesh it's a fictional fucking game, want real weather, go fucking play outside, you turds

  126. Chivo Gaming

    Chivo Gamingחודש לפני

    also it wouldn't take a whole clip to shoot someone in the would only take one bullet...

  127. Nikolaos Karydas

    Nikolaos Karydasחודש לפני

    60euro? Seriously?

  128. Chris Stojanovski

    Chris Stojanovskiחודש לפני

    30 dollars for the expansion for 3 dollars for the base game

  129. K!Wi kreativ

    K!Wi kreativחודש לפני


  130. Chuckles

    Chucklesחודש לפני

    Why would you chamber a round just before entering a building? I mean, if you already have your weapon pointed in a defensive position, you kinda should already have it in battery and safety off... Just sayin.

  131. Step Bro

    Step Broחודש לפני

    echobasedarkside PLAYSTATION4 lols same in MW I drop one person and reload instantly. Had to get that outta habit since I only play shipment now

  132. echobasedarkside PLAYSTATION4

    echobasedarkside PLAYSTATION4חודש לפני

    @Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Cat (shoots 1 round) RELOAD TIME (throws incendiary grenade) RELOAD TIME, checks piece of sh. wrist watch... RELOAD TIME. (Looks at footwear, vanity item Malibu sandals and socks, Grunts, pulls fodder out to throw at nearby deer,) RELOAD TIME, (thinks damn this game is immersive.)

  133. Royce Blackwater

    Royce Blackwaterחודש לפני

    Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Cat I expect them to know the bare minimum when they’re potentially making hundreds of millions on it. Literally a couple hours and they could have done much better

  134. Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Cat

    Froggers Live Birds or Bubbles the Catחודש לפני

    Do you stupid fks expect programmers and graphics effect teams to know the level of stuff a grunt / boot / fodder fool like you knows?

  135. Royce Blackwater

    Royce Blackwaterחודש לפני

    echobasedarkside PLAYSTATION4 same

  136. GCRN Gaming

    GCRN Gamingחודש לפני

    Give us year 1 pass holders the expansion in March for free cause you screwed us over all year with crappy backpack trophies!!!!

  137. Sergio P

    Sergio Pחודש לפני

    @Terence Caron I agree. One week exclusive gaming and the Top secret mission plus some cosmetics... too much money for that.

  138. Terence Caron

    Terence Caronחודש לפני

    you bought a useless pass cause all the year 1 content was free

  139. Prep768

    Prep768חודש לפני

    But, where's the snow?

  140. James Sayer

    James Sayerחודש לפני

    Kristen Mcinnes hey, if NYC can get hit by a hurricane that destroys bridges and floods the city in between December and July then why not just make it snow in July.

  141. kuna muta

    kuna mutaחודש לפני

    apparently it's 12 months summer in D2 -_-

  142. Prep768

    Prep768חודש לפני

    @Coolmusicplaylist 😉

  143. Coolmusicplaylist

    Coolmusicplaylistחודש לפני

    It snows in summer?

  144. Prep768

    Prep768חודש לפני

    @Kristen Mcinnes 😉

  145. James Sayer

    James Sayerחודש לפני

    So.. a hurricane hit New York in between end of November and late June that flooded the city and destroyed bridges. That checks out.

  146. Evan Shores

    Evan Shoresחודש לפני

    James Sayer global warming!

  147. Allan Wu

    Allan Wuחודש לפני

    Top story in NYC news is that I-278 aka the BQE Highway cantilever across from Two Bridges in Brooklyn may collapse and have to be replaced lol Can't be consistent or current all the time :p

  148. Chivo Gaming

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