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  1. Bourbon Kid

    Bourbon Kid22 שעות לפני

    The Whole Situation is a Joke right now. I really understand the Statement with the "suspansion". But on the other Side they Filter this DMG Glitch and dont Punish the Raid Key Glitcher / ExP Glitcher. That is a Punch in the Face for the Players and no excusable from Massiv.


    DEADCOWBOYDEATH22 שעות לפני

    Pvp in division 1 very cool.Pvp in division 2 very bad and stupid,1 years later....lol.Division 2 pvp create schoolboys

  3. lien'O nilloC

    lien'O nilloC22 שעות לפני

    so when is vegas 3 coming

  4. Devious Lee

    Devious Lee22 שעות לפני

    Make armour and skill builds useful because at the moment they are trash my seeker mine does more damage then my grenade launcher specialisation lol you need to bring everything up to the level of enemy's health and armour so that other builds are useful

  5. Derk 334

    Derk 33422 שעות לפני

    Hey ubisoft can you read my ticket :) can u fully reset my ranked stats make it 0.0 kd and 0.0 w/l please and thank youu!!

  6. Lemar DeLandro

    Lemar DeLandro22 שעות לפני

    3k thumbs down...I guess everyone is happy

  7. Isaac Butler

    Isaac Butler22 שעות לפני

    Rainbow 6 is becoming trash.

  8. kuan ting chen

    kuan ting chen22 שעות לפני

    enjoying this so far, keep up the good work !!

  9. Cenk Kalkan

    Cenk Kalkan23 שעות לפני

    Massive, do not forget; a angry peasent can drow the king from his throne.

  10. Southern Romanian

    Southern Romanian23 שעות לפני


  11. Evert De Rijke

    Evert De Rijke23 שעות לפני

    The like-dislike ratio and the comments are just saying something. Maybe listening to that instead of going on your merry way and mucking things up. Guys, you're killing your game out there and for me, I played the Division 1 a lot and like the Division 2 but this sort of thing. Yeah, that is showing something. Stop being greedy and start fixing things.

  12. sollostyles

    sollostyles23 שעות לפני

    Ubisoft is feces !

  13. Michael Odiott

    Michael Odiott23 שעות לפני

    Buff chameleon

  14. Rick O'Shay

    Rick O'Shay23 שעות לפני

    Ubisoft is guilty for some serious false-advertising.

  15. Lee Folkes

    Lee Folkes23 שעות לפני

    luckily with Microsoft I recently purchased “warlords” I got my 29.99 back. If you like me just go to “order history” on website and it’ll say refund information

  16. Twisted Souls

    Twisted Souls23 שעות לפני

    The Larry Curly and Moe show. The game is broken has been broken and will continue to be broken. Let us know your numbers when season 2 comes out and your sales are down.

  17. Peter gaming

    Peter gaming23 שעות לפני

    They want to keep us home right add rainbow is magic problem solved

  18. Muhammad Firdaus Md Sam

    Muhammad Firdaus Md Sam23 שעות לפני

    "we banned this portion of the playerbase who exploited this because we are incredibly slow on fixing our broken game"

  19. Marckuss Williams

    Marckuss Williams23 שעות לפני

    I wish there was some missions we can do as rouge agents to level up our rouge levels

  20. henry nguyen

    henry nguyen23 שעות לפני

    Used the glitch last week trynna find some loots since im a solo player and the loot system in this game is complete garbage, never used that glitch in PvP cuz that lame, got banned cuz I ruined someone pvp experience? Wonderful

  21. 王瀚铭

    王瀚铭23 שעות לפני

    I did’t cheat or use any bug in game,I get banned anyway,and there is no email to explain it, no support to answer, great game and running team I ever seen

  22. YAN SHI

    YAN SHI23 שעות לפני

    Did not use glitch but I'm quitting,anyone?

  23. Lee Folkes

    Lee Folkes23 שעות לפני

    It might not be 50% but to guarantee that there were no false positive at this point would be a lie. I personal can say I know people who were affected by this who never did the exploit. Their customer service hasn’t help them so far so...

  24. Shirazi Wine Co.

    Shirazi Wine Co.23 שעות לפני

    “Mother, Father, I am sorry, I have failed you both. I made a promise to protect our people, I thought, I thought if I could stop the Templars, keep the Revolution free of their influence, then those that I supported would do what was right, they did I suppose do what was right - what was right for them. As for you father, I thought I might unite us, that we would forget the past, and forge a better future. In time I believed you could be made to see the world as I did, to understand, but it was just a dream, this too I should have known. Are we not meant to live in peace then? is that it? Are we born to argue? To fight? So many voices, each demanding something else. It has been hard at times, but never harder than today, to see all I have worked for Perverted, Discarded, Forgotten. You would say I have described the whole of History father, are you smiling then? Hoping I might speak the words you longed to hear? To validate you? To say that all along you were right? I will not. Even as I am now faced with the truth of your cold words, I refuse, because I believe things can still change. I may never succeed, the Assassins may struggle another thousand years in vain, but we will not stop. Compromise. That is what everyone has insisted upon, and so I have learned it, but differently than most I think. I realize now that it will take time, that the road ahead is long and shrouded in darkness, it is a road that will not always take me where I wish to go, and I doubt I will live to see its end, but I will travel down it nonetheless. For at my side walks hope, in the face of all that insist I turn back, I carry on, this ....this is my compromise” - Connor Kenway

  25. Simon Salazar

    Simon Salazar23 שעות לפני

    Hopefully they address the dominance of the True Patriot set in PvP.

  26. EastmanTvG

    EastmanTvG23 שעות לפני

    Why is this being made before rework

  27. 赵鑫宇

    赵鑫宇23 שעות לפני

    assive,Without the letter m。No mother, orphan

  28. Vin Hill

    Vin Hill23 שעות לפני

    This game is drifting away from being fun at a fast pace. Oh well. FF7 Remake is out in 8 days. I’m not sticking around if they’re determined to make this like TD1 patch 1.3 all over again.

  29. Random User 657

    Random User 65723 שעות לפני

    Don't rework it please

  30. Malcolm Fitzgerald

    Malcolm Fitzgerald23 שעות לפני

    God this comment section is just full of bitching with little to no actual constructive criticism.

  31. Frizz sl

    Frizz sl23 שעות לפני

    A dogshit map

  32. Peter Morgan

    Peter Morganיום לפני


  33. cleveland willis

    cleveland willisיום לפני

    The Assassin's Creed trilogies is what made understand history and in depth. It has also influenced me to travel. Especially to Türkiye, Istanbul 🇹🇷. Which has became one of my favorites throughout the world. If you ever want to travel, set your goal, and run after it. Totally worth visiting the country. I guarantee it will change your life that ever did to mine.

  34. Jill Valentine

    Jill Valentineיום לפני

    Damn if they make this game in 2020 graphic should be like this

  35. Negativitron Prime

    Negativitron Primeיום לפני

    I think I'll have to pick that up

  36. Goaty Goat

    Goaty Goatיום לפני

    Fake af

  37. Aaron Craycraft

    Aaron Craycraftיום לפני

    This has been such an amazing update, it single handedly got me back into the game and I've already put 20 more hours into it so far. You guys did amazing! Features that I would love to see soon are AI teammates and another class that could hack into enemy drones to use against enemies.

  38. Rick Li

    Rick Liיום לפני

    When I unbanned next week, I will differently certainly keep exploring the glitch again and again...

  39. Lord Raiden

    Lord Raidenיום לפני

    I will never buy any games from Ubisoft now!

  40. CSorruCGaming

    CSorruCGamingיום לפני

    look ur dislike dev look at it :D

  41. Lord Raiden

    Lord Raidenיום לפני

    Why you unbanned streamer wich us the Glitches in so many Videos? Why you unbanned Them? They show so many people how does it work, and they get no bann? Really? SCHAME ON YOU!

  42. Lord Raiden

    Lord Raidenיום לפני

    Bann all Glitchuser or nobody! Only bann dmg glitch user is so stupid. You sold a broken game andere wonder that there are so many people who us it? Bann all or nothing !

  43. Dabbing Duck

    Dabbing Duckיום לפני

    Man ubi’s marketing with the corona and stuff is umm unique

  44. egshane

    egshaneיום לפני

    technically...you (devs) didn't find the bug. the players did right?

  45. Mutilated Crow

    Mutilated Crowיום לפני

    I don't believe devs will read this at all but I may as well take the time to type it out. I'm a big fan of the game, both the first and now second one. First game was rough at the start with all the patches, nerfs, buffs, PvP and PvE. It happens, and it's happening again. I feel that Div 2 was at it's best in Tu7, besides clutch and double barrels being an issue. But for those who played Div 1 from the start, who remembers sentry and shotguns, or when pred mark was OP? The devs managed to fix a majority of the issues and I believe they can still fix Div 2. Not to mention that they are working from home instead of the office, I'm positive that they will do something about these complaints, updates, nerfs/buffs, etc.

  46. Muadib223

    Muadib223יום לפני

    I love it, Hamish opens the video talking about keeping the live chat civil, then they turn off live chat...

  47. Francois Booysen

    Francois Booysenיום לפני

    Can we play Bartlett map as event map Ubisoft?

  48. Trajanus LaRocque

    Trajanus LaRocqueיום לפני

    This would’ve been 3,000x more epic if it was a teaser for a new Splinter Cell game

  49. TheAndrewlolz

    TheAndrewlolzיום לפני

    Dunia Engine 3.0

  50. Donald McCracken

    Donald McCrackenיום לפני

    Me still waiting on Ubisoft to announce a movie about all the operators on different teams battling for the top spot😶

  51. Rehman Ali Virk

    Rehman Ali Virkיום לפני

    Will there be AI teammates ever?

  52. Anthony Arriola

    Anthony Arriolaיום לפני

    incompetent developer who blame the players for the glitch they cant repair. i will only agree with your action if you make the same action (banned) on all the previous glitch you have in the game.

  53. Nael XP

    Nael XPיום לפני

    Pathetic Devs wish u all get fired! Banning people for a glitch which u couldn't fix after 4 emergency maintenance? That's weird flex, u r a joke!

  54. Dank

    Dankיום לפני

    Why does this map remind me of amityville

  55. purpleblunt

    purplebluntיום לפני

    Wana know how to fix jager make him a 1 speed give his acog back take away an ads and buff his 416 back to 42 damage as for the tcsg I have no idea wtf you’re thinking

  56. Udayjeet Kamble

    Udayjeet Kambleיום לפני

    Next dlc would be like fallen kingdom 🤣🤣🤣

  57. Kamal Kr Gupta

    Kamal Kr Guptaיום לפני

    Ubisoft sucks the ruined breakpoint form the launch and they ruined a perfect game division 2 in its very first expansion and then banned 60% of your own gaming community someone is on there high horses today i dont want to offend devs i'm a 3d animation maker (won't call my self artist) myself I know it's hard doing this stuff but if I just listen to your gamers it will become so easy I swear just roll back the changes form before newyork

  58. chiseled monster

    chiseled monsterיום לפני

    And your supports are Fing bots no point in trying I'm banned and losing everything I farmed for before I left for a trip my cousin used the glitch and you guys must not play much games devs are sucking up to one ILgosr can't say what name because he's so special just ban him

  59. 오예찬

    오예찬יום לפני

    요약 '휴먼 꼬우면 접으십시오, 근데 이래도 안접어?'

  60. Shashank Makhija

    Shashank Makhijaיום לפני

    I don't like this map.

  61. chiseled monster

    chiseled monsterיום לפני

    Ok ya and ten out of ten selections completely random I saw people and saw my friend who hasn't played in 4 weeks got banned

  62. chiseled monster

    chiseled monsterיום לפני

    Bru you hate on the people trying to make the game more fun I understand pvp abusers but you don't ban the ILgosrs who showed it off some flonting that there not banned bro give back our stuff and realize glitches are not a reason to ban people it's a reason to fix the game

  63. Bringthewinter

    Bringthewinterיום לפני

    This is like one of those town hall meetings where everyone in the town is screaming and throwing things at the council members.

  64. Antukin Po

    Antukin Poיום לפני

    This just shows how they dont care about their community. Asked about the rollback and they dont even have the details about it, how incompetent. All of the things about nerfs and improvements mean nothing if you cant address things that are relevant to what the community is asking right now. It was easy for you rollback but when you “mistakenly” reset the season level you were not even able to give it back or compensate players with it. All you did was “we are looking into it”. You think people you banned and rolled back will come back will be wishful thinking. Lets see in a week in you still have a community to talk to

  65. cory zhang

    cory zhangיום לפני

    I realize that the sotg isn’t too good but I also don’t get why people are so angry at this game. Yes you spent either 60$ or maybe u got it at 3$ but it’s still just a game. Yes there are a lot of bugs and glitches but as long as you don’t do it in pvp the bugs and glitches aren’t too gamebreaking or at least I haven’t had any with 11 days played since WLoNY. I get mad at this game too especially when I get 1 hit by a npc or don’t get an exotic for hours on end but again in the end it’s still just a game and the devs r trying as hard as they can. This isn’t a small game and I hate when I see people cussing out the devs. They have lives out of this game too.(I’m not happy with the way the devs r handling stuff tho). Just play the game and try to have fun, if you can’t dont play it. It’s just 60$(or 3$ if u got it cheap) plus expansion ig

  66. Eviler Bread39

    Eviler Bread39יום לפני

    Why does the big guy in the bar seem like sledge? He even uses the pool cue like sledge does with his sledge hammer!

  67. trumoo

    trumooיום לפני

    I am filled with immediate sadness whenever I have to play this map in ranked.

  68. William Sobiesczyk

    William Sobiesczykיום לפני

    Oh let's not make our players work for raid exclusive gear and give it to the people who didn't work for it....mhmmm

  69. D

    Dיום לפני

    Maybe Massive/Ubisoft trying to do the right things but they don't do this things in a right way. Yeah, State of The Shame. (I didn't use glitch and didn't get banned but I have my opinion)

  70. Futlong Baby

    Futlong Babyיום לפני

    World's First Widdz OJ did it 2020

  71. Revan Amell

    Revan Amellיום לפני

    Athens got burned so hard I have to turn the air conditioning on all the way over here.

  72. PhatDabbins

    PhatDabbinsיום לפני

    BOYCOTT UBISOFT!!! I've deleted my ubi account and unlinked it from my gaming account and will be taking my games back to get refunds

  73. Thomas Kelly

    Thomas Kellyיום לפני

    Way to figure out how to kill another portion of the player base. Content makers untouched...hmmmm wounder why? Broken from the beginning and players are punished for it. When the armor glitch was out no one got banned for that. I have been a loyal fan of the game and will not be returning due to the total mishandling of this whole situation. If you cant ban everyone who used it then how can you ban anyone.

  74. NurseJimboSlice

    NurseJimboSliceיום לפני

    It is physically impossible for me to avoid singing the lyrics to the Literal Tobuscus when I rewatch this trailer

  75. Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jacksonיום לפני

    Everyone in these comments are blaming ubisoft it's not there fault this is massive not ubisoft and the ban was in no way correct the person that showed me the glitch and did it with me didn't get in trouble but I did

  76. bean couch

    bean couchיום לפני

    hey watch out for spawnpeeks on all spawns

  77. CROWN

    CROWNיום לפני

    Bans, Roll backs, and y’all nerfing fox prayers, contractor gloves, and the hollow man mask that took me months to get? are y’all trying to make players leave?


    OMID REZAיום לפני

    i swear i didn't any glitch but you ban my account anyway im delete my ubisoft account after 5 years Don't ban players fix your own game you got 30 $ for dlc to do this to your players?you think we are rich we are joke to you? division2 is even filter in the middle east you block us for this game im connecting division2 with vpn this is no matter because im delete the game and my account


    RUFIORUFIOיום לפני

    Devs should take responsibility for not fixing their own game. Not punish players for their mistakes... people will always find a different way to get ahead no matter what. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY MASSIVE

  80. moist nugget

    moist nuggetיום לפני

    oh boy, its happening in real life now....

  81. dieskum123

    dieskum123יום לפני

    This would honestly be incredible for new players. I hope they continue making these.

  82. DRavITy ASMIT

    DRavITy ASMITיום לפני

    Ubisoft plz make a rework of bank and fix the bugs that's all we want juts make the game healthy 2op per season will work but the game's health is imp and plz try to make a server room near india if possible as we have to play on high ping everytime🙁. That's all we want from seige cuz we all spend money in this game cuz we love this game plz ubi we only want this much.Thank you for understanding

  83. PK Kwan

    PK Kwanיום לפני

    Guess what...ban the players who found the ‘bug’ instead of thinking ways to fix it. ‘Problem solved’!! This is the worst game experience I have had ever. 😂

  84. Janko Kowalczyk

    Janko Kowalczykיום לפני

    So. AwesOOOOOOME.

  85. Darksepheroth

    Darksepherothיום לפני

    This version of the song is actually pretty disappointing compared to the original after having spent so many hours meditating in it's depths.

  86. Nicolò La Barbera

    Nicolò La Barberaיום לפני

    The like and dislike talk a lot

  87. Vince vaughn

    Vince vaughnיום לפני

    I'm ashamed of you ubisoft but you got your money so oh well right? You shouldve taken responsibility for your mistakes....people are stuck home and this is your answer...bad business