15-year-old Los Angeles songstress Billie Eilish resembles something of a fairy tale heroine-albeit with a wicked sense of humor, and inimitable fashion sense filtered through a kaleidoscope of hip-hop, grunge, and glam tendencies ready to practically levitate above any runway. It’s this kind of je nais sais quoi that fueled the meteoric rise of her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” Produced by big brother Finneas O’Connell, the siblings uploaded the track to SoundCloud and it became a veritable phenomenon, with the song hitting #1 on the Spotify U.S. Viral chart and #3 on the Global Viral chart. In between signing to Darkroom/Interscope in 2016, Vogue decried her as “Pop’s Next It Girl,” and she has since received praise from the likes of Charli XCX and Tove Lo, plus support from Teen Vogue, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Billboard, V, W, Zane Lowe of Beats1, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and many more.

Billie Eilish - xanny

Billie Eilish - xanny

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Billie Eilish - wish you were gay (Live)
Billie Eilish - bad guy

Billie Eilish - bad guy

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Billie Eilish - hostage
Billie Eilish - watch

Billie Eilish - watch

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Billie Eilish - hostage (Audio)
Billie Eilish - my boy (Audio)
Billie Eilish - COPYCAT (Audio)
Billie Eilish - watch (Audio)
Billie Eilish - Bored

Billie Eilish - Bored

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Billie Eilish - Bored (Audio)
Billie Eilish - Bellyache

Billie Eilish - Bellyache

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Billie Eilish - Bellyache (Audio)
  1. Baruc Dashiro Polo Alarcón

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    3:27 I LOVE HER💖

  2. Brittney Tapp

    Brittney Tappיום לפני

    I love her voice! It’s so unique and different. I don’t consider it whispering. More like singing in a low note. If she sung in hi notes, she would be like all the other singers and she probably wouldn’t stand out. Love her voice

  3. Saif césar

    Saif césarיום לפני

    This song is the best song to add in 007 movie

  4. McLaren720s

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    This song also taught me that dont drink an entire glass of coke or you'll gonna fiz

  5. Dana Skinner

    Dana Skinnerיום לפני

    Omg you drank that wow cool I am 11 years old so idk what to do sorry

  6. Yonyon

    Yonyonיום לפני

    I really don’t get western audiences; why do you feel the urge to scream at every single word she sings? Just appreciate the music

  7. Dana Skinner

    Dana Skinnerיום לפני

    Omg black water scary I like it cool I guess

  8. celeste jolon

    celeste jolonיום לפני

    perfect :) Divina la mejor

  9. Blaqmagik

    Blaqmagikיום לפני

    I cannot understand why the idiots in this comment section don't realize that she's literally trash. The mumble rapper thinks she can sing. Yeet.

  10. Dana Skinner

    Dana Skinnerיום לפני

    Billie eilish I love you songs like ocean eyes is my favorite song love your you tube channel

  11. Jonathon Chavez

    Jonathon Chavezיום לפני

    For Samsung people go to settings and sound and go to sound effects or whatever and turn on concert hall🥺

  12. Thomas Christie

    Thomas Christieיום לפני

    Auto play had me jammin to this at 3am hahhaha

  13. PineapplesGame

    PineapplesGameיום לפני

    this is the....James Bond Theme Song for the new movie?

  14. Wasiqa Star

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  15. Carla Maldonado

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    The Irish I love you you are my best friend and you just bring about mean by but life is my knocking by it was from Carlo

  16. aubrey archambault

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    Back 02.2020 moving out of me exes house my shit is piled by the bedroom door, still have more to get from the basement. I'm ready to leave and get sober, pray for me. 💯

  17. k s

    k sיום לפני

    i used to be a billie fan but i haven’t listened to her music in months and wondered why but this is why, her passion you can see when she is performing and her voice is so enchanting

  18. Daniel Day

    Daniel Dayיום לפני

    Is that Johnny Marr on guitar? Generations of brilliance on that stage. What a guitar; what a voice.

  19. Reformator Nathaniel

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    Tim:Why Did The Party Is Over Me:Because Someone Ruined Tim:What Does Make The Party Over Me:This

  20. Dallas Waaka

    Dallas Waakaיום לפני

    i got bored and just skipped to the 1 note which finally wasn't whispered, still doesnt prove to me she can sing a normal song, once i see a song cover thats not whispered ill give respect to this singer

  21. Nievesita Chan

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  22. Jillian hogate

    Jillian hogateיום לפני

    When that backround noise picked up it gave me a scary vibe which made me like this song more 00:15 this song hits different

  23. Pumza Mazeka

    Pumza Mazekaיום לפני

    Khalid & Billie: Lovely Khalid: Heaven Bille: No time to die

  24. Erzhan Zhaksybaev

    Erzhan Zhaksybaevיום לפני

    Billi yebishe

  25. Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamiltonיום לפני

    She deserves her no.1 spot. What a song, and what a gorgeous voice.

  26. Abdullah el

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  27. Black Beauty

    Black Beautyיום לפני

    Does anyone else think that this song sounds like if Lana had written it?

  28. Nefertari Robledo

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  29. Ois Ios

    Ois Iosיום לפני

    Really? A Bond song? No way ...

  30. Tommy Waaves

    Tommy Waavesיום לפני

    Dam I felt this one way too much 🤧

  31. Reformator Nathaniel

    Reformator Nathanielיום לפני

    Billie:Drinks The Water And Enjoy. Me:Drink A Little Bit And Run.

  32. Blake Michael

    Blake Michaelיום לפני

    The rasp in her voice is incredible

  33. Djdjdj Dndjd

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    I'm the decent guy

  34. jose guerrero

    jose guerreroיום לפני

    I don't understand what is so amazing about this girl... she has talent no doubt...... but????

  35. Emiliano Gonzales

    Emiliano Gonzalesיום לפני

    Awful! Sounds like a bad version of Adele’s song...

  36. Anayah Augustave

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    Hey love the song so I was thinking if you can make a Kobe and Gigi song cause millions of people are surfing of the death of Kobe and Gigi and sout me out

  37. Nicky Bella

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    3:26 well didn’t knew she could do that 🤭😍

  38. ariam malla

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    La amo💚🖤💚

  39. elisa lichazul

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    Me trae a la memoria las melodías Otakus y emos

  40. Grumpy desert Rain frog

    Grumpy desert Rain frogיום לפני

    I watched this before bed....

  41. Lauren Jauregui

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    My sweet love

  42. Jerry Tubb

    Jerry Tubbיום לפני

    so thrilled for Bille & Finneas!

  43. AwesomeCupcakes 33

    AwesomeCupcakes 33יום לפני

    Did you actually kill your friends :/

  44. Prici Cast

    Prici Castיום לפני

    Hola billie soy de México bueno mexico México no pero quisiera conocerte pero no puedo y alguien habla español? Te amo bili goobye y buscabas este comentario en español? Like si Comentario no Hay ya tengo que dejar de escribir bye=adiós

  45. flyingfishsurf

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    Johnny Marr. How Soon Is Now?

  46. angelo zel

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    The only problem with this is that it ends😞

  47. Gael Ramos Santiago

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  48. Sabrina Perez

    Sabrina Perezיום לפני

    I fucking love you 🖤 you’re so amazing!

  49. Pancho Sanchez Esquivel

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    Soy el comentario en español que buscas😂

  50. Leandro Dos Santos Santos

    Leandro Dos Santos Santosיום לפני

    Amo essa gataaah

  51. Emma Watson

    Emma Watsonיום לפני

    I’m not the biggest fan of billie but this is amazing

  52. Queen Makiyah

    Queen Makiyahיום לפני

    I love her so much! Been here since ocean eyes 😭💖😍

  53. Nathaly N

    Nathaly Nיום לפני

    Esta canción me encanta, me da escalofríos, transmite tanto... en su voz.

  54. keiko margaret

    keiko margaretיום לפני

    3:25 chills. no one can say she cant belt

  55. Andrea Marquez

    Andrea Marquezיום לפני

    She is so pretty and i love her!😍

  56. Emanuel Arellano

    Emanuel Arellanoיום לפני

    3:26 has anyone realized that she never does that in any of her songs? But dang! Such a good song

  57. Justin Oswalt

    Justin Oswaltיום לפני

    Too all of the people bitching about how she whispers when she sings.... question? Have you actually tried to sing while whispering? Like ACTUALLY change notes? Maintain air control? Actually stay in tune? AND throw vocal inflections on top of that? I'll tell you... it's INCREDIBLY difficult and takes an immense amount of talent to do as effortlessly as she does it. So yeah... she whispers when she sings. But I guarantee none of your other charting pop singers can do it, and she can still do what they all do too. Give it a year before the new trend in pop is just to copy her because she's blowing up so big.



    Music favorit

  59. BlackScreen

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    777 mil views *Jackpot Confirmed*

  60. Sunflower Yay

    Sunflower Yayיום לפני

    Love Billie😄💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

  61. にょぴぴ

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  62. RS.おうちやさん

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  63. Austin MSP

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    tbh we all came back to read setheverman's comment again ;-;

  64. Andrea Marquez

    Andrea Marquezיום לפני

    She is perfect!!! 😍

  65. Jorge Puentes

    Jorge Puentesיום לפני

    U have saved my life with this song. I wish I could tell u how much comfort u have given me. I pray u read this and know u saved someone’s life. 🥺😔❤️I’m going thru so much right now and this song is just helping so much. Thank u billie 🥺😔❤️🙏

  66. Marana Blake

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    I made a cover of this lovely song, its on my channel <3

  67. Josie !

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    Ily Billie your my favorite and I love this song!!! 👍

  68. Norwin

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    Holy shit this is beyond amazing

  69. Marana Blake

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    I made a cover of this lovely song, its on my channel <3

  70. They call me god

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    Please don't die.

  71. Alonso Olivares Encina

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    Sounds like a metal gear solid song

  72. Joanne C

    Joanne Cיום לפני

    My brother Michael is my Finneas, he's also 4 years older than me and is my ride or die till the end. He's my best friend, always has my back, triumphs in my successes and always picks me up when I fall. This a bond that can never be broken or replaced by anyone,.... US against the World. When Billie grabs Finneas's hand at the Grammy's (and in this video) and took him to the stage, I understood completely.

  73. ;;kira

    ;;kiraיום לפני

    bro she made this song at just the right time for me😔🥺. ty billie i will always love ur music💞.

  74. channel omar

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    i really love this song i have to listen it multiple i the only one who listen this over and over again

  75. Nathaly N

    Nathaly Nיום לפני

    Es la 2da canción de Billie que más me ha gustado. Tremenda pieza... Excelente.

  76. xyz1112

    xyz1112יום לפני

    How could some people can dislike this?? If you don’t like, just move on.. it’s that simple..people have different tastes it’s undeniable..

  77. ranii gacha

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  78. محمد احمد

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    حلو يا بيلا هداكي الله للاسلام l lov you You pyotefol ❤❤

  79. Rosario Gomez

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  80. Rosario Gomez

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    Hijo de tu...No se inglas

  81. Moto Moto

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    Some poor guy had to stand there and just edit this

  82. Robert McCabe

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  84. jack jones

    jack jonesיום לפני

    You are absolutely gifted... love you!

  85. Grecia Ross

    Grecia Rossיום לפני

    I want to think that I'm not the only one who cries when she shouts "NO TIME TO DIEEEEEEEEEEEE" 😭

  86. Nurbek Omurbayew

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    Juda zor##

  87. Katherine Medina vasquez

    Katherine Medina vasquezיום לפני

    Te amo Billie 😘😘😘💚💚💚💚

  88. 유솔야옹

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    무용도 하셨나보다... 👍💙

  89. Диана Вайсберг

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  90. steven van soom

    steven van soomיום לפני

    LOL Skyfall a good bond song, it is one of the worst bond songs ever, when I see different top 25 bond songs, almost never in top 10. And Adele without p.a. is like a false cat .music and singing is not yelling and that is all what Adele, Byonce and others can, it is more difficult to sing like Billie,Aliyaah,Amy Whinehouse, Norah Jones etc Goldfinger, live and let die , license to kill and no time to die are the best sons, and I like Garbage 'the world is not enough' also also, not the movie, was a dissaster.

  91. Destiny Sears

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    Billie: Maybe it’s in the gutter where I left my lover I felt that

  92. rosa herrera

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    It water but dyed in black

  93. Roza Chowdhury

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    Her nails tho. They gonna scratch somebody

  94. OPnime Scene

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    O K

  95. Salma Ananda

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    views 32M? like just 1.5M?

  96. Autumn Wallace

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    Billie Eilish is the best thing in the world like this and the weather is always watch your shows you're the best

  97. Marcelo Gonzalez

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    Te sale bien hasta sin auto 😜👍🏻

  98. Julia Reis

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    A só o geito que eu curto as músicas da Billie e diferente

  99. Khairul Mikhael Ilman

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    If we follow past trends, Billie is gonna get nominated for an Oscar for best original song

  100. Jackie Marquez

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