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Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?
How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines
Overpopulation & Africa

Overpopulation & Africa

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An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

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1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook
The 12,020 Human SPACE Era Calendar 🚀
What if We Nuke a City?

What if We Nuke a City?

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The Egg - A Short Story

The Egg - A Short Story

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The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant
Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?


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Optimistic Nihilism

Optimistic Nihilism

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What Are You?

What Are You?

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What Is Something?

What Is Something?

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What Is Light?

What Is Light?

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The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker
What Is Life? Is Death Real?

What Is Life? Is Death Real?

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Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained
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    If humanity ever united under a single banner and had to choose a unifying symbol,something that we always had,something would easily identify us,I'd choose the hand stencil,or maybe a modernized version of it,like a hand print.

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    Ok listen, not to break the dramatic impression but the red stains of hands are made to ask for "blessings" from their Ancestor spirits, it's most likely to be made out of deer blood, it was believed to be sacred and will help protect people whom live in the cave.

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    I was very moved by the fact that art has been a part of us for dozens of thousands of years, and how art itself is so touching to us that we wish to preserve it for others in the future to see. This yearning to share our vision with others, to share knowledge and beauty, feelings! To let others know that these things are here, that they existed before our eyes and in our lives. We want a record, we do not want to be forgotten.

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    I'm fond of naturalism and have spent time in the forests in the NW with nothing more than an axe. Alone even, foraging for shelter, food and tools for fire or knives or hunting materials takes maybe 5 hours a day. In a group of three, it takes even less and is far more abundant. It's far more likely that they had an abundance of free time and they loved to craft art and even tech such as weapons in their free time. The hands have a few meanings even today. There's a tradition in the east of Russia where some old Tengrii practicing people say these were meant to communicate with something. By placing the hand, it's like you are "tapping into" the stone and the presence of other people. Humans in this age likely reveled at the prospects of meeting other humans, as more people naturally meant more convenience. Though my guess is some societies got too big and resources became scarce as technology fell behind. We can observe this being possible when we observe some of Africa's tribes who have maintained a warring tradition with neighbors. No doubt you'll find these everywhere, but what's more astounding is how that practice carried across the world. As if we had one religion from the beginning, or at least a unified cultural practice. Which really isn't much different..

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    Great video as usual, even if the format is unusual! I believe though that it's a misconception to think that our ancestors had it much harder than we do. Maybe death was more present to them and they had no smart phones, but it also seems like after doing the necessary hunting / gathering to sustain their life, they actually had more time for themselves than us working full time and commuting one to two hours every days. But at the end of the day, we can't know for sure and it's mostly speculation. Fascinating speculation.

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