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    Музыка огонь,респект вам!

  2. Theresa Schafhauser

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    i love him ❤️❤️

  3. הילה בסטקר

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    אחלה שירים

  4. __ALÏSS __

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  5. Cristi Nicorescu

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    IS A PIECE OF ARTTT!! Looks like the heaven has come down to earth

  6. אביטן הודיה

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    אין מילים

  7. Elfish 360

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    After long search this is not Sizzla

  8. seeriu ciihy

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    I cant believe the fact that I can relate to most of he's songs from a relationship perspective in such accuracy. Amazing music, amazing artist.

  9. Goldstriker

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    I love all his songs 👌👌👌

  10. babbitt_sa

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    bra my track

  11. bariel konevsky

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    אחי עם ישראל איתך תמשיך לתת בראש ולצמוח

  12. Eliza K

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    Heard this song last night for the first time LIVE in Amsterdam! Fell in love, on repeat for at least the next week <3

  13. vinasu maaj

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    Misericórdia, lançou a braba, essa música é boa demais, não sei se choro ou começo a dançar, glória a Deus, Kkkkkkk, POSTA MAAAAAISS

  14. Mike Vegas

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    So pride for israel! Is a jewish Perfect singer.

  15. Edaum Fifeiro

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    Brasil.. tbm estamos curtindo....essa música acaba com minha bateria do celular..

  16. Paske Mantavicius

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    I cant believe the fact that I can relate to most of he's songs from a relationship perspective in such accuracy. Amazing music, amazing artist.

  17. SHADOW 1

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    Never let go !!!

  18. sweetzebra

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    he looks a little bit like Jake Gyllenhaal ;)

  19. kutyifritin

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    Music and video is awesome👏 This girl is not the best in it seems like a big face kid with big nose,dry mouth and big eyebrow while Dennis has smaller face.

  20. Tania Rotunjanu

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    ești cel mai tare

  21. Manolis koumis

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    Respect for this man!!!! All ur songs bro are awesome. World make him famous pls!!

  22. ceerw buty

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    there's just something about his voice, that draws you in and your emotions out

  23. Vvbb Vvbb

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    Great hook but it's too short 😕

  24. Adrian Lakatoš

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  26. Noya Miara

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    שלוםםם בן דודדד של ענבל מה קורה😂

  27. Rexidexi

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    Which song is part one?

  28. lollipopp lollipopp

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    Before 1mio views? 👇👇

  29. Zeh pouvinho

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    Não tem como escutar essa música e não pensar nas frustrações amorosas.

  30. Camila Pimenta De Carvalho Furtado

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    Brasil aqui 💚

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    Wow.. couldn't recognize at first, This is in Sri Lanka

  32. Daisy Huang Vuelvas

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    One of my fav songs ❤

  33. ❶ Octavian Simon

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    Noroc de Coțofan mai descoper si eu muzica buna! ¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

  34. Rachel Grig

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    I found the original Ted Talk and the person in this video is not the same as the actual person giving the Ted Talk. I wonder why.

  35. Hüsna Ece ALICI

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    this is great !!

  36. SKIN

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    Am venit de la Coțofană.

  37. Chris Fearby

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    Idk how this song got even 1 thumbs down.

  38. babbitt_sa

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  39. Alex QYZ

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    Best song in fifa 20 :)

  40. bssni touir

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    מלך!! לא מפסיקה לשמוע את השיר מהבוקר😍😍 מתי אתה מופיע בישראל? אני לא יכולה כבר לחכות🙏🏻🙏🏻

  41. Chill Gamer

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    חלום חלום שלי שתופיע בארץ עם כל הלהיטים שלך ! אין לך מושג כמה אוהבים אותך כאן

  42. Lara Levine

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    someone explain to me, so “never go back”is a continuation of this?🌚🤔 I love it

  43. Yaya Yaya

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    Our beautiful Israel in this beautiful clip and beautiful song 💙

  44. Tùng Đào

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    dope shit

  45. Aurélie Vanneste

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  46. Hey ho Let‘s go

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  47. Denny A.

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    All your songs are full of emotions and speak from the heart ! Congrats! 😊

  48. Bella Swan

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    This kind of relationship is life ❤

  49. elihav wolf king

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    דניס אתה ישראלייייי

  50. elihav wolf king

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    ישראלי אחשלי

  51. Gal MLM

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    Someone have the full video of the talking part? this podcast

  52. Jonathan

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    FIFA 20?

  53. Berfin Bozan

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    Çoook güzel ♥️

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    Pero que buen vídeo BUENÍSIMO

  55. Daniel Nierobisch

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    The point goes to ..The sweet catXD

  56. Peter Veer

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    Songs with too mutch autotune they will be ugly

  57. יואב אברהם

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    Best song of FIFA 20

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    Great song, from Turkey🇹🇷

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  62. Simona Toader

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    I always delete the pictures after a photo. Like if you relate it. Anyone in december 2019?


    AGANDOS6 ימים לפני

    שיר מסריח מאמן מסריח

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    Legend 🔥 🔥

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    Yeh, this is ok Dennis.

  66. Noahide

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    Hey Taylor Swift. Reading looks ok.

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    best singer in the wooorld, you’re amazing 💖

  68. usuario 123

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    Congrats Dennis, best music of the year, I love ittttt 💖💖💖💖

  69. usuario 123

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    This dude has gotta come to Turkey, omg

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    I love this song without a reason !

  72. sotuur aeei

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    מפציץ עם השירים שלך כל פעם מחדש!אלוףף

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    respect <3

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    One of the best songs out 2019

  75. שמואל נתן בכר

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  76. Mohamed Tayachi

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    As much I hate israel I love this guy

  77. Kim Flamingo

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    Jokes on all the romanians in the comments hes in aarau bitches

  78. Aden Rahmadi

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  79. רחל יצחק

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    זה צולם בישראל

  80. Erel Shir

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    ניר טיבור הטלת פצצת אטום.מה זה השיר העצום הזה?

  81. I-luv Halloween

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    Maybe he should get to know her🙀

  82. Anca Cristal

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    Love your voice, Romania loves you.

  83. Matheo Beckman

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    Nice music

  84. Krishan Mann

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    Please someone give him Oscar for this song

  85. Ki Vala

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    Only 2.26 minutes? Why???

  86. victor olivia

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    Anyone from Cambodia 🇰🇭 listen to this ??

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    Sri lanka 🇱🇰

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    Bravaaa mmmm👍🙌🙏💋❤😍

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    לייק לקאסט ההישראלי

  92. נועם דהאן

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    מחכים לך בכפר יעבץ אחיקר

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    אשכרה הקליפ בעין יזרעאל

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    Anyone knows the name of the girl?

  97. hip-hop beat kill dance videos

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    Yes I am Ayan your song is really nice can you promote your song my danceing scile

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    This song is the best thing happened to me in 2019. 🤷‍♀️💗

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    Müzik çok iyi yaa

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