What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels

It seems like all the news you hear about ILgosrs now a days, or ever, is bad news. Whether it's a new scandal, controversy, or bit of miscellaneous drama - it's a LOT. It can be very disheartening as a Creator to never see the good from our industry be recognized. I'm not looking for praise, but I want to take the time to recognize what my fellow Creators have done over the years to give back. From PewDiePie to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Super Carlin Bros, Mr. Beast, and so many others, ILgosrs (and Twitch streamers too) have done SO MUCH GOOD! Today, I want to spread all the good news with you.
Thanks to Make-A-Wish for providing information! ► wish.org/
My thoughts on other online issues ►►
They stole $1.7 million ► bit.ly/2FPwSJc
It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole ► bit.ly/2EB2orp
All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13) ► bit.ly/2zqCKnh
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  1. Gxcha_ØwØ !

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    I know im late..but i cried so hard during this....not to say im doing a debate on this the positives of social media....i need to mention this.....i need to spread this......lets spread this

  2. Le Squirrel

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    Gamers: Hey you guys need help we can raise some mone- Media: *AHHhhhhHhH GaMeRs*

  3. A. Mermaid

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    Wow 😲 Mic drop ...

  4. Oaken Shadow _Madeline McAdams_

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    And it is still getting worse, with Coppa.

  5. 360 no scope

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    Media: Video games cause violence Gamers: Donate 12 million dollars to charities and help kids suffering with metal illnesses Media: I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that MatPat, I've been watching your video for years, and never once have I truly felt the emotion you feel, that changed, I felt your anger and passion for this. You are one of the best content creators out there and I wish nothing but the best for you. ILgosrs are some of the greatest people out there, ESPECIALLY gamers and people who cover games. Don't ever stop what you're doing buddy. You got an army here, and we are gonna follow you through thick and thin.

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    Matpat the best lawyer and great gamer rep.✊

  7. Isaiahs Collins

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  8. Prince Leader

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    The line "We're doing good work here!" got me excited. I love this video, and I hope that ILgos sees this, and advertisers see it, and that they work together to balance the scales.

  9. teamboobooseth1

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    And this is still true. Even after raising over $1.3 MILLION for St. Jude (Game Theory did that) it barely appeared on news, aside from ILgos-centric news sites.

  10. Roblox Coder

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    I feel bad for cringing..

  11. Dominic Corriveau

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    Did you really use Mark's "World's quietest letsplay" in your thumbnail?

  12. Umut

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    No one has commented on this, like why? 1:46

  13. MoppeBoy

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    Dear MatPat this video is very emotional and i have cried multiple times and i'm so proud of the entirely ILgos community. And you're a very nice guy and i love your content

  14. Justman Gaming

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    20 million in 2018 by everyone 20 million in 2020 by team trees

  15. Cordelia Maynard

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    This channel saved my sibling from gaining a metal allergy. No. *Really*. My sister's ears would be like a balloon If you hadn't released that Eeveeloution vid, My sister wouldn't have picked the right earrings, that would turn on the allergy that runs in our family. Thank you, MatPat for donating, and entertaining, and educating, and saving lots of sibling's ears(probably). One song by the Epoxies summarizes ILgos Gamers. "Everything is beautiful on video."

  16. Chloee Catherine Maki

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    Second time i am watching this video and it still gives me chills

  17. Half_A_Heart Gaming

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    I saw ScottTheWoz at 6:33 and got really excited


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    ILgos I need an update which allows me to like a video more than 1 time.

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    Purple Hair? Cute!!!! I like it!!!!!

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    Good to hear Chuggaaconroy’s name again. It’s been a while

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    this is an amazing video really it is and i don't get media they only wanna hear bad things about youtubers and gamers cuz we sweared once like bruh that is not how life works

  22. CrazyJayRoss

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    All ILgosrs in 2018: Raised $20, 000,000 Mr Beast in 2019: "hold my beer, I got some trees to plant"

  23. Ashton Magers

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    Honestly an amazing video. Amazing all of the things you don't realize until it's put in front of you.

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    and now we have coppa woo

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    i just do videos on cobra kai. youtubers love my channel. could care less what cbs cheaters and mainstream media says. because they are all on youtube now. fox news youtubers, cbs youtubers, cnn youtubers, nfl youtubers, I guess they're all bad youtubers. tv is dead, cable tv going dead soon.

  26. Yoda Trombonist

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    It’s BS they don’t share that

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    Didn’t watch this when it was released bc u usually tilt me but wow great vid

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    Wow its crazy how I agree with everything

  29. Deranged Enigma

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    This is why i love your channel. and respect you as a person.

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    Pwediepie is a gamer

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    I'm so sorry you guys have to deal with that

  32. Dendoi

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    Elon Musk: Is a ILgosr, memer and a gamer Google: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

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    That's it guys. MAT PAT FOR PRESODENT!!! I'm not joking I'm writing you in

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    Heck ya

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    Little did matpat know he would raise around 1 million himself

  36. Alyissa Aragon

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    Since when is josh radnor a youtuber? Am I living under a rock?

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    : )

  38. Mihail Draganov

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    You shouldn`t be so offended by the all "mid tier ILgosr" thing, but the video was heartwarming I give you that.

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    Thinking of turning my fb accout on again just to share this video.

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    Then look at companies like dollar shave club who supported youtubers though it all and now they are super successful. It’s almost as if youtube is a gold mine for advertising

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    Nice try.. Companies just really want money

  42. Andrés Galindo Puña

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    I’ll come back when he uploads his apology video

  43. Andrés Galindo Puña

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    Well, I think it’s his downfall, you are starting to sound crazy tbh, it’s cringy, bye unsub

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    Are you coming for pewds, you’ll see ho

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    i like the fun colors, my hair is 100% purple now

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  48. Max Jensen

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    sweet message but I feel like he needs to use a different format for delivery. this whole talking at the camera with images thing is a bit overly emotional and moralistic and also preaching to the quire. not very effective. I think this needs to be folded into a different kind of video, and perhaps small videos showcasing charitable works and positive content. ILgos should be doing more to showcase positive content, building up the really good edutube channels. Vsauce is nice but the pbs sponsored youtube channels should be getting a larger showcase, they should just have a "cool content" bar with the really high quality science, literature, video essay type videos. there's a news section (which is pathetic and extremely limited) but they should have like verified educational sections, like a social studies section, popular science, history, and literature but they don't because they don't care about the people who use youtube they just want us to click more things and get them more ad revenue, so they build a system that allows those horrible and misleading hack videos or weird douche bag prankster boys to garner millions of views and take up more space on the platform

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  50. Brachy LP

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    Mat Pat hre is a short List of German Charity Projects: Loot for The World who raises a heckton of Euros Through Gaming alone and is Run by A Channel Called Doktor Froid Friendly Fire by Pietsmiet and a Project I forgot the Name of Run by Rocket beans

  51. The Stories of Lostland Idaho

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    Is film theory on the top their list?

  52. AlterBridgeSurfa

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    But heck, since when did logic, facts and figures ever make sense to the morons at the top 'in charge'? Sigh. You can only lead a horse to water. Thanks, MatPat.

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    I'm only here for the Mj shirt 😍

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    Mat Pat can talk for hours and I'd listen to all of it

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    Once I saw the MJ shirt i could no longer focus on the video

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    This is so good TT

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    21:20 **mic drop**

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    You're a high tier content creator to me MatPat

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    This deserves millions of views